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University of Southern Queensland unveils A320 simulator

written by Adam Thorn | July 28, 2020
Aviation student Eliza Terry and vice-chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie
Aviation student Eliza Terry and vice-chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie

The University of Southern Queensland has unveiled a new A320 simulator for its aviation students to train in.

The huge device perfectly recreates the nose and flight deck of its real-life equivalent and allows users to pilot an entire flight from take-off to landing.

The institution’s head of aviation said it features “state of the art” technology that allows trainees to experience “normal and abnormal scenarios while completing all of the necessary checks and procedures in a real flight”.


The new training system is in addition to a similar model on-site for the Boeing 737-800 at its Springfield campus.

Vice-chancellor Geraldine Mackenzie said, “No other university in the southern hemisphere, let alone Australia, provides their students with the opportunity to operate these sorts of modern simulators.”

The university offers a Bachelor of Aviation to allow students to begin their journey to becoming a pilot in the Flight Operations major or to take a ground role via the Aviation Management major.

“High performing students also have the opportunity to join the Qantas Future Pilot Program and undertake flight training at the Qantas Pilot Academy located here in Toowoomba,” added Professor Mackenzie.


Closer to home, Australian Aviation reported last week that the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will allow players to take-off and land in 613 airports in Australia.

The game, released on PC on 18 August, is believed to be the first in history to recreate the entire planet in detail, allowing users to pick any spot on the globe and then begin flying.

The news came days after it was announced the game would feature a special “hand-crafted” replica of Sydney Airport, including animated windsocks reacting to real-life weather; staff going about their work and accurate signs and taxiways.

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  • Chris


    What a great time to become a pilot! I’m sure the university is telling these “candidates” that they will be flying an a320 in 2 years and that there is still a pilot shortage. Maybe they should build a clapped out c206 simulator but make them move 500kg of boxes from one side of the room to another before they’re allowed to get in it and show them what reality looks like.

  • Tom


    Is it a fixed base or full motion simulator?

  • Geoff


    Great that the University of Southern Queensland has a A320 simulator, which will be very helpful for aspiring airline pilots studying for their Bachelor of Aviation . I think though the comments about FS2020 to be released in August, while excellent news, needs to be balanced with users already have access to existing flight simulators, such as FS2004,FSX( earlier versions of FS2020), P3D and X plane, already providing total world coverage along with many detailed airports, services, accurate weather, and some superb aircraft that are as close to real as you can get outside of a professional simulator.

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