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Podcast: How US airlines are poaching Aussie pilots

written by Robyn Tongol | November 15, 2022

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, Hannah Dowling returns in her new role as US correspondent to talk about her latest story.

She tells host Adam Thorn how and why US airlines are taking Australian pilots in such numbers.

The pair discuss what Australia can do to stem the tide, the balance between developing young talent and importing them, and the perks of going abroad.


Finally, they chat about how COVID-19 and its restrictions exacerbated the problem for Australia.

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Comments (3)

  • John Raby


    You start by respecting the critical component well educated/trained professional pilots are to a safe efficient airline system. Far too many “top executives” would prefer to be running an airline which did not need aeroplanes and all that involves in a technical engineering and operational sense.
    Whilst financial capital is a basic equally critical is the human element. This recognition will always mean a proportion of the generated wealth must be used to build and maintain top professionals in operational and engineering roles.
    Not as is happening in many airlines a rush to the bottom with short sighted cost cutting.
    Only possible to build really great companies if you see it as it should be, a long term business.

  • Dan


    If they paid as well, offered better conditions, didn’t work their crew to the limits and treated them with any sort of respect for the experience they bring there wouldn’t be a mass migration.
    The race to the bottom brought on by greed and corruption has caused the destruction of distraction aviation.

  • Lee McCurtayne


    Well folks here we are again, overseas corporate wiz kids reinventing the wheel just to con the shareholders. Well get back to us when our national carrier bites the dust and the CEO is nowhere in sight. Holding his little pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. The very reason the industrial landscape needs to be changed.

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