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Rex prints Qantas refund complaints in newspaper ads

written by Adam Thorn | June 2, 2021

Rex’s latest advert, and one of its latest 737s, VH-REX, as shot by Victor Pody

The row between Rex and Qantas over network expansion hit a withering new low on Wednesday when the regional airline unveiled a print advert showcasing Qantas customer complaints about COVID refunds.

The comments follow a long-running war of words between the pair, which has previously seen Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce mock Rex’s “empty aircraft” and Rex’s deputy chairman John Sharp argue that he doesn’t know how Joyce can “look at himself in the mirror some mornings”.

The advert, which you can read below, features 45 apparent examples of passenger anger at the flag carrier being slow to process refunds.

Examples include quotes claiming Qantas “can’t be trusted” and are “horrible to deal with”, as well as an anecdote stating someone waited on hold for five-and-a-half hours.

Qantas said in response it has actually assisted more than 2.5 million customers whose flights have been impacted by pandemic border restrictions.


Rex’s latest attack revolves around different policies to COVID related refunds. Rex has been unique during the pandemic by offering any passenger affected by border closures or restrictions their money back.

This compares with offers by Virgin Australia and Qantas that only allow cash refunds if the flight is cancelled by the operator, but not if restrictions change banning certain passengers from flying.

The larger airlines do however have a variety of mitigation policies including waiving change fees and giving flight credits.

Rex, however, has accused Qantas of engaging in “under-handed tactics to avoid a refund at all costs”.

“Qantas passengers have highlighted that this includes burying the refund application form deep in an obscure corner of the website, making passengers wait for hours on the phone, registering requests and not following up, and pressuring passengers to accept a credit instead of a cash refund,” said Rex.

On 19 June 2020, the ACCC’s COVID-19 Taskforce raised concerns with Qantas after it said it had received “hundreds of complaints” from passengers whose flights were suspended or cancelled due to travel restrictions, but who were given credits “instead of the refunds they were entitled to”.

Rex said on Wednesday that “it is obvious that Qantas paid lip service to the ACCC but then effectively ignored the ACCC’s direction”.

“Rex estimates between $1 billion to $2 billion worth of tickets that are legally due for a refund have not been refunded, with many passengers waiting for over a year to get their money back,” it said.

“A few Qantas passengers have even resorted to posting on Rex’s social media in a desperate cry for help. Rex has collected all public postings from various sources, numbering over 500, and forwarded them to the ACCC and has called on the ACCC to investigate if Qantas and Virgin Australia have breached Australian consumer laws if they did engage in the alleged actions highlighted above.”

In response, Qantas told Australian Aviation, “Since the start of the pandemic Qantas has assisted more than 2.5 million customers whose flights have been impacted by COVID-19 border restrictions, and offered increased flexibility for all customers, whatever ticket they buy.

“If a customer’s flight is cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions they can already choose a refund, a voucher or to travel at a later date. Despite Rex’s repeated attempts to drag Qantas into a public slanging match, our focus will remain on our customers and our people.”

Australian Aviation also understands that Qantas disputes Rex’s claim the airline is holding on to billions of dollars worth of unrefunded tickets.

The row between the two airlines began in February when Rex accused Qantas of uncompetitive behaviour by launching rival services on its previously exclusive routes such Melbourne–Merimbula and Melbourne to Wagga Wagga.

Despite the argument, the flag carrier ploughed on, and Rex itself continued with its own plan to launch capital city routes.

“Rex’s idea of competition is that it’s something that happens to other people, because they believe they have an enshrined right to be the only carrier on some regional routes,” Qantas said.

Rex’s capital city expansion has included flights to CanberraGold Coast and Adelaide, as well as Sydney and Melbourne.

Last month, Joyce and Sharp exchanged withering newspaper columns about each other in the AFR.

“It’s a well-known fact in the industry that Rex has now chalked up another dubious honour,” wrote Joyce. “It has presided over the worst launch of a new jet airline in Australia’s aviation history, with empty aircraft and announced routes that have never been flown.”

It came after Sharp wrote that Joyce was a hypocrite for going “cap in hand” to the federal government for help.

Finally, on the Australian Aviation podcast, Sharp claimed Joyce sees himself as a “wizard” but is actually failing his staff, customers and shareholders.

“Qantas has got this arrogant approach that we’re too big to fail and that we’re an icon,” said Sharp. “We play We Still Call Australia Home in the cabin to remind people that we’re the Australian airline. They call themselves a national carrier, but they’ve been privatised. They’re this big bully.”

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Comments (12)

  • Tony Mcgiffert


    Bought Qantas tickets to go to LA through EDreams , paid February 2020 to fly in September 2020 Qantas cancelled flights in May 2020 so I took the option for a cash refund in December 2020.Can not get any reply from Qantas as to confirm if they have paid EDreams or not.
    EDreams claim they will give me the refund as soon as Qantas pays.
    Are they (Qantas) trading insolvent after receiving millions of dollars from Government (Tax payers money)
    I feel like I’m paying twice for a service never received

  • D


    Well Mr Sharp is obviously compensating for not having a marketing budget…..
    Geez, a bit sad that some boys just don’t grow up, feels like we are in the schoolyard…. or question time at parliment.
    Just fly the plane safely and efficiently and give good service and the customers will come.
    Proof is in the pudding, not in the back and forth bicker….. act your salary gentlemen!

    • Nerdy Nev



  • AJ


    Wow, dropping standards to gutter political banter pre election style, typical politian. Maybe they should run an ad on how all the profits for REX go overseas to their Singapore owners, Hows that helping Australia. Heart is in the country only the Country is Singapore not Australia.

    • Brant


      Agree 100% with your comment, & then some, AJ. There’s something very wrong with Sharp. His hatred of QANTAS is pathological.
      BTW, it’s ‘politician’.

  • Peter


    Jetstar are even worse than Qantas in playing hardball with refunds.

  • Mark


    Rex certainly have a point , I have had to arrange refunds from a number of airlines including the “notorious” Ryanair and Spirit . Every airline except Qantas , Virgin Australia & Air New Zealand processed my refunds without any fuss . I think overall Australians are very undemanding when it comes to their expectations of customer service and Qantas have taken advantage of this.

  • Bertu


    You better believe it folks..Having worked hard for Qantas for 30 years of my life..I will NEVER fly with them again..here’s why..when it comes to money matters,they will swoop down so low it’s almost unthinkable just to hold back paying or not to pay out at all..Many of my tickets in those 30 years of traveling had to be refunded and do you think I got it all back,if any refund at all?..Even my redundancy payment in the end when I left the company they tried to short shift me 30k..and it was a legal battle I had to pay to get it all back..My sincere advice folks is NOT to support crooks in the Aero Industry..but to fly a much better deserving Airline..This monster has ripped us Aussies for way too long..Let’s collectively put them out to pasture permanently where they really belong.

  • Brenton


    Why would people send Rex a message concerning a Refund from QANTAS?
    That’s akin to asking David Jones to help in getting a refund on item bought at Myer. Gross stupidity!

    Sharp just wants your correspondence to use against QANTAS, to suit his own pathetic, hateful agenda.
    Rex will do nothing to help, in any way at all. Fools are falling for his garbage.

  • Andrew Malone


    Qantas took several months to refund my flights to USA last year. I contacted NSW Fair Trading and made a complaint to get a quicker response from Qantas, since their customer service is non existent.

  • Hard to dispute the viewpoints of Bertu, Mark and Tony!

  • Peter


    Qantas proclaims to be the “proud Australian Carrier”, try to ring and congratulate them………more than 13 hours on the phone to change a credit into a flight. I now have the flight number against the credit number but need to confirm……says generic error. Back on the phone to discover if the flight booking is valid.
    Virgin from now on, maybe 5 minutes wait. After all these years, Qantas never again.

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