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First footage emerges of Australia in Microsoft Flight Simulator

written by Adam Thorn | August 7, 2020

The first images and video have emerged of Australia in Microsoft Flight Simulator from those chosen to preview the game.

New images show the MCG, Sydney Opera House and Uluru – though the early version on display doesn’t have a fully-built Harbour Bridge as yet.


The title, due for release on 18 August, had been shrouded in secrecy with many of those chosen to test the game signing non-disclosure agreements.

Prestigious computer game publication Eurogamer gushed in its preview that the sim creates “rare wow moments that come along once a generation”.

The game is a significant moment for the industry because it’s believed to be the first title to recreate the entire planet in detail, allowing users to pick any spot on the globe and then begin flying.

Already, Microsoft has confirmed to Australian Aviation that the game will allow players to take off and land at 613 airports in Australia and 37,000 globally.


It will also feature a special “hand-crafted” replica of Sydney Airport, shown in a video below, including animated windsocks reacting to real-life weather; staff going about their work and accurate signs and taxiways.

Players will be able to fly around this world in up to 30 aircraft ranging from the A320neo to a Cessna 152 and Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. All feature accurate cockpits with realistic controls and instrumentation.

The sim will come in three versions, ranging from US$60–US$120, with the Deluxe and Premium editions including more planes and airports.

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  • Sami Makelainen


    Can’t wait for the 18th for two reasons: the release, but also so I can talk about the past eight months’ experiences.

  • Lee


    Whales in the harbour?

  • Spencer Ferrier


    Well, Microsoft will have to cross that bridge when they get to it.

  • Dan


    An y chance we can get a glimpse of Sale, and Williamtown? 🙂

  • Gary


    Where is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  • Tom


    Sydney Skyline needs The Sydney Tower.

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