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Airservices to trial new flight path at Perth Airport

written by australianaviation.com.au | February 9, 2016

The new flight path for the trial is in yellow, with the existing flight path for southerly departures in blue. (Airservices)
The new flight path for the trial is in yellow, with the existing flight path for southerly departures in blue. (Airservices)

Some overnight flights taking off to the south on Perth Airport’s Runway 21 will have a new flight path as part of a trial to monitor aircraft noise.

Airservices is conducting the trial over two periods between February and April to compare actual noise levels from the new flight path with noise modelling data that was used in the initial environmental assessment.

Between five and 13 aircraft were expected to use the proposed flight path when taking off on Runway 21 between 2200 and 0500 local time. However, the figure would depend on factors such as weather.

“The short-term change will see some aircraft departing from Runway 21 at Perth Airport between 10 pm and 5 am for destinations to the north and west and continue flying in a straight line without turning until they are adjacent to Jandakot Airport,” Airservices said in a statement on Tuesday.

“They will then turn south-west until they reach 8,000 feet before turning again to continue on to their destinations.”

The proposed flight path trial was scheduled to take place from February 15 to March 6, as well as between March 21 to April 10. Flights taking off on Runway 21 between those two periods would continue to follow existing flight paths.

Noise data will be collected from eight noise monitors located in the suburbs of Langford, Canning Vale, Cockburn Central, Munster, Beeliar and Beaconsfield.


Airservices said on its website noise modelling from an environmental assessment found there would be a four per cent increase in the number of people who would be impacted by aircraft noise if the proposed flight path trial went ahead.

As a result, it had initially decided not to progress with the trial.

However, it had now decided to test the results of its noise modelling after community feedback that noted the four per cent increase “could be considered to be within a typical statistical margin of error” given it was such a small percentage.


“Following the decision to not progress the trial proposal, Airservices received representations from a broad range of stakeholders and believes it is appropriate to validate the results of the modelling by conducting this short study,” Airservices said on its website.

“Notwithstanding our confidence in the Integrated Noise Model, we consider this to be an excellent opportunity to verify its use in this instance.”

Comments (16)

  • john doutch


    Why bother!!

  • Maureen Lockyer


    We are already noise impacted by aircraft from Jandakot Airport, Flying Doctor service plus
    Police helicopter flying low over Atwell, so this is just another bit of night noise to add to the
    already congested airways over our suburb. Thanks Airservice Australia!!

  • Mrs Cronje


    I think dealing with Jandakot flights 7 days a week day and night, Canning Vale has its fare share of noise and irritation, I would never have bought my house if I was aware of the planes. Trying to listen to your TV during the night is bad enough with the Jandakot airplanes and then dealing with passenger planes on top of that, you might as well give it up for a bad job. If suffering through that experience is not enough, you are now off to bed. I certainly hope that you are a deep sleeper as I am not, therefore laying awake at night time waiting for one of the “big” ones to land on my roof!!! It is really a terrifying experience. Not fair at all.
    Please consider before changing the route. Maybe visiting some of the houses and experiencing what the owners go through could change your minds.

    Not happy about the new route home owner,

    Mrs Cronje

  • Brendon Finch


    All I have to say . You all well knew that Jandakot airport was there and very active when you built your houses there, so the only ones at fault are yourselfs., so get over it!!!! Having lived in the area growing up, I never had an issue with it at all.

  • Jay


    Surely the amount of planes around jandakot airport need to be taken into conideration also. Yes people who have moved to canning vale expect the current plane traffic noise from Jandakot but no more can be added to this. The same goes for the existing international airport. people move in knowing the flight path. They do not have the right to complain. Leave the flight paths as they have always been.

  • Alan


    The question is why are they testing a new route
    If it for safety fine
    If it is because people on the existing route are complaining is another issue
    We have all bought our properties with there own individual encumbrances, noise being one issue.
    Canningvale residents accept Jandakot airport noise.
    Those on the existing airport flight path have bought there properties knowing the noise issue and should reluctantly accept it

    Changing the flight path is totally unfair

  • Mira


    Thank you air services Australia for giving us the opportunity to have rest
    Great news for cannington, queen park residents
    Thank you for your actions following our comments and requirements to have a break

  • Davecat


    Shelley residents get the majority of current SIDs, Jandakot and surrounds have noise all day from GA traffic so split the difference and turn them right just on reaching the Canningvale industrial area. Aircraft can then track out over Willetton and Bull Creek. I would think 2000 feet higher then they currently do over Shelley, so the noise footprint should be less re dbs. I live in Bull Creek and we get the odd flight overhead every now and then and it doesn’t bother me. Would also reduce fuel burn due to the shortened track south compared to Jandakot, save the planet and the airfare price hikes.

  • Harvey Holdingworth


    The runway 21 departure to the SID’s GURAK and KEELS that brings the SNAG suburbs (Wilson, Riverton, Shelley, Rossmoyne, Waterford, Salter Point, Mount Pleasant, Applecross and Ardross) 120 planes per day, 37 of them between 5 and 8 am, was not in its current form there before 2008. Most Shelley residents bought their houses before 2008. then came the mining boom and GPS guidance. Where in the past noise was shared and scattered over the suburbs between Belmont and Melville. So the ‘buying under a flightpath’ can not be an argument.
    Canning Vale, the double income home owners, just want the pensioners in the other suburbs to cop it and can give them some respite of 7 planes per day. the SNAG people will fully cop it from 5 am again when the FIFO horror starts, in particular with F-100’s.
    By the way, the smart tracking technology makes canning vale residents shift their noise over Thornly, Maddington and Gosnells. these people have already 160 departing planes per day to the east.
    So, the big ‘not in my backgarden’people live in Canning vale. Suck it up.

  • Bianca


    The map I looked at doesnt show the suburbs further south that are occasionally affected by commercial flights, like Oakford? (Yes, i am aware we have them passing over only in certain weather/wind conditions, not all the time like some other suburbs)
    i have had planes passing over my property for years or so due to a flight path change to get out of the more populated suburbs… does this trial path mean that we are now going to get more overhead? Or the ones currently passing over are going to move slightly south again? (That would be great – give someone else a turn after a decade!)

  • Ross


    This new route makes it less noisy for Kevin Barnett’s electorate. That’s what this is all about. What a load of hogwash. This is just moving the same noise from one place to another….and how much is this “we already know the outcome” ridiculous trial costing? And by the way, neither path effects me.

  • David


    Suck to be living in a modern city.
    The only thing that can be said to hopefully calm the residents near Jandakott at least a little bit is that the passenger aircraft will be at 8000FT or more by the time they are turning.
    At that altitude they will be much quieter than the usual choppers and bug-smashers departing Jandakott..

  • Ash


    Why not just put a night curfew like most big cities? Then everyone gets to sleep. Even a 3hr curfew from 9-12pm would make big difference

  • Davecat


    Where would this City be without the marvel of aviation, one of the most remote cities in the world now connected to the world. Great for trade, commerce, tourism and keeping families connected. Lets just share the noise across the burbs on a rotational basis, perhaps monthly, avoid curfews that constrain growth and choice and continue to enjoy the prosperity. The other option is to move the airport 150kms out of town to some paddock, no thanks.

  • Sickandtired


    I bought in Salter Point because it was a quiet suburb. Then the planes started flying over non-stop all day long. Shadows in the house when a plane flies over. Conversations have to be stopped. No alarm clock required as at least 37 planes flyover between 5am and 7am. Interrupted sleep and plane lights flashing through your bedroom window. Lack of quality sleep taking its toll on your health. There was absolutely no consultation with Salter Point residents when the planes started flying over. Now there are so many avenues open to residents in other suburbs to stop the planes flying over their suburb. No doubt they will continue to flyover Salter Point because no one wants them flying in their suburb. Salter Point residents will eventually move at a great cost to them, because the lack of sleep has impacted on their health.

  • Brad


    Living in Atwell I am suddenly aware of the increased traffic at night time. Two flights in last 30 or 45 minutes definitely impacting me.

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