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Corporate 757 for sale at Avalon

written by | February 27, 2015
The 757 is believed to be owned by a Hong Kong-based businessman. (Seth Jaworski)

Fancy a 25-year-old Boeing 757-200 previously owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and used to fly the Portland Trail Blazers around the US during the National Basketball Association season? Then bring $30 million or so down to the Avalon Airshow.

The aircraft, with Bermuda registration VQ-BTF, has been on static display during the six-day event and gotten a few curious looks from patrons more accustomed to seeing corporate jets, military aircraft and helicopters.

While this particular 757 may have rolled off the Boeing production line a quarter of a century ago in 1990, the aircraft has never flown with a commercial airline.


Instead it has been used as a corporate aircraft for just about all its operating life, including at US-based resources company Freeport McMoran (1991-1997), Vulcan Inc (1999-2007) and Google (2007-2014).

It is believed to have been owned by a Hong Kong-based businessman since 2014 and is currently stored at hangar at Avalon Airport and available for purchase.

The aircraft is understood to be configured with only 36 seats. By contrast, an American Airlines domestic 757-200 has anywhere between 176 and 188 seats.

The 757 has been a relatively uncommon sight in Australian skies. However, it is still in operation with many airlines in the northern hemisphere, particularly those that operate trans-Atlantic services between North America and Europe.


Airbus recently launched the A321LR, a long-range narrowbody which was designed to capture a slice of the 757 replacement market.

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  • Andy


    Good to see a 757 in Oz, I always liked the way they looked. Can we please loose the Americanisms though, gotten is not a word, it should be got!

  • Chris Grealy


    Only driven on Sundays by a little old lady!

  • kim


    I believe the Royal New Zealand Airforce uses the 757. Would be good if one could be made available for charter in Australia as there are some of us who would like to say they’ve flown on all Boeing series from 707 to 787. Still miss the 727!

  • Terence


    First time I’ve seen a 757 on Aussie soil – nice looking bird. Donald Trump has one of these!

  • Eric


    Air Niugini had a 757 in regular service between Brisbane and Port Moresby a couple of years ago.
    I agree they are a smart sleek looking aircraft.
    Did you mean “lose” the Americanisms Andy??

  • Peter Clark


    A B757 operates around 6 times a week from Auckland to Sydney return for DHL. This aircraft is based in Auckland and is in there colours, reg. VH-TCA. Also the two B757 with the RNZAF are seen frequently in Australia. One made a brief visit to the Avalon Airshow.

  • Keith Bricknell


    I flew in a 757 from Sydney to Melbourne during the airline pilots strike in Australia. It was on charter from Brunei.

  • TN


    Ironically using “loose” for “lose” is also an Americanism!

  • Kevin Rae


    On Peter Clark’s comment, ‘there’ should be ‘their’ (possessive tense)

  • Scott Menogue


    I was lucky enough to be flying spanner on this airplane from Brisbane to Alice Springs for parking prior for it retiring to the US for a C check. Beautifully maintained by a knowledgeable team

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