Flight Training Adelaide orders two Mechtronix trainers

written by australianaviation.com.au | May 27, 2011

Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) has announced the signing of a contract with Canadian based firm Mechtronix Systems for the purchase of an Ascent XJ Trainer as well as the option of an additional Airbus A320 FFT X simulator.

“This is the first Ascent XJ Trainer to be installed in Australia and we are very pleased that it is happening at a premier flight training organization like FTA”, Mechtronix President Xavier Hervé, said in a statement.

Configured for a generic commercial narrow-body jet, the Ascent XJ trainer will be used by FTA to train students for multi-crew operations and transition to jet aircraft with a modern glass cockpit. Featuring TCAS, EGPWS, FMS and weather radar, the XJ trainer’s avionics suite will also aim to familiarise students with a highly automated flight deck, aided by an RSI Raster/xT Image Generator and 180×35° projected display.


“FTA has made this investment with a view to meeting increasing customer demands for the most advanced and fit-for-purpose technology available,” FTA CEO, Pine Pienaar said. “Furthermore, the MPL compliance of the Mechtronix simulators will allow us to offer current and new customers a training platform alternative using FTA’s upcoming MPL training course. It is very important to us at FTA that our ab-initio curriculum remains appealing to pilot students and airline customers.”

Still to be evaluated by CASA for qualifications equivalent to JAR-FSTD A FNPT II MCC, the XJ Trainer  is due to be delivered and certified at FTA’s Adelaide flight training facility in the fourth quarter of 2011. Delivery and acceptance of the A320 FFT X is plane for the second quarter of 2012.

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