S-97 Raider makes first flight

The first flight of the S-97 Raider rigid coaxial rotor prototype at West Palm Beach, Florida. (Sikorsky)

Sikorsky’s S-97 Raider rigid coaxial rotor prototype made its first flight from the company's Development Flight Center at West Palm Beach, Florida, on May 22, testing the new design’s airworthiness in the low-speed flight environment. The S-97 program’s chief pilot Bill Fell and co-pilot Kevin Bredenbeck … [Read more...]

A trio response from NSW Ambulance

Three NSW Ambulance helicopters attend an accident on Sydney's south coast. (Phil Irwin)

There was the rare sight of three NSW Ambulance Greater Sydney Area HEMS AW139s at the scene of a single motor vehicle accident on April 23 at Wandandian, south of Sussex Inlet on Sydney’s south coast. Two Bankstown Airport-based AW139s and one from the Illawarra Regional Airport landed in a heavy vehicle … [Read more...]