Final RAN Seahawk Romeo handed over

The 24th and last RAN MH-60R to be delivered, pictured in the new MHSCo facility at Nowra.

The Royal Australian Navy has formally accepted the last of 24 MH-60R Seahawk ‘Romeo’ helicopters in a ceremony at Nowra on Monday.

The handover came less than two years after the first Australian Romeo arrived in country and just over five years after the type was selected as the RAN’s new naval combat helicopter.

The 24 helicopters have been acquired under a foreign military sales agreement with the US to replace the RAN’s existing S-70B-2 Seahawks, plus the capability never delivered by the cancelled SH-2G(A) Seasprite program, under AIR 9000 Phase 8.

“We are delighted to be here today with our US Navy partners to hand over the keys to the final MH-60R Seahawk to the Royal Australian Navy,” Lockheed Martin Australia chief executive Raydon Gates said in a statement.

“Lockheed Martin is proud of the team who have accomplished such an outstanding achievement, delivering to Australia the full fleet of Seahawks on time and on budget.”

The ceremony also marked the formal opening of the $50 million, 11,400sq m Maritime Helicopter Support Company (MHSCo) facility at Nowra, built by Lockheed Martin and its now wholly-owned subsidiary Sikorsky to provide maintenance and through life support services for the Romeo.


  1. Derrick Aguero says

    TT, why do we need another 24??
    Our new AWD and frigate will have one each plus some new type of UAV, something similar to a MQ -8B/C

  2. G4george says

    Don’t understand why the Army went ahead with the Mhr90’s instead of sticking with the latest Blackhawks, would of saved a lot of headaches with dealing with multiple agencies.

  3. Randal says

    The old S70B’s would make ideal fleet utility machines stripped out and overhauled. Cheap and good fora another 15-20 years.

  4. Derrick Aguero says

    Dave N, sold to another foreign country with approval from the US, traget practice.

    Hayden, have you seen the size of a Merlin compared to a MHR-90, not to mention we would need larger landing deck on our ships and hanger space.

  5. Fabian says

    Merlins are considered heavy lift helis. The British use them side by side with the chinook. They can carry almost as much as a chinook.

  6. Mick181 says

    Fabiam the Merlin like the NH-90 family comes in both the tpt and ASW versions. Robert what would the Navy need the Super Stallon for.