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Aussie company to fly to space ‘like you fly with Qantas’

July 16, 2022 2 comment

Australian start-up Hypersonix Launch Systems is gearing up to bring a zero-emission spaceplane into commercial use, operating much the same as a traditional airline – without the passengers

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Record-breaking Ingenuity lives on

June 5, 2022 0 comment

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter was sent to Mars for a short test campaign, but the rotorcraft continues to break barriers over a year later. Bella Richards takes a look at its highlights, mishaps and what the future holds for the small helicopter.

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Rockets and helicopters: What’s the catch?

June 3, 2022 0 comment

Catching a rocket booster with a helicopter might be strange, but Bella Richards explores why one company made the bold move to make space launch cheaper through a completely innovative way.

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Bird-size drones give Australian soldiers the edge

May 31, 2022 1 comment

XTEK CEO Scott Basham was speaking in Australian Aviation’s new digital In-Focus edition, as part of our feature examining whether miniature drones are the next generation of defence aircraft.

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DHL to open $17m facility at Brisbane Airport

May 30, 2022 1 comment

Announced at a ceremony on Monday, the new 4,880 square meter facility will accommodate the growing demand for cold chain perishables, and will support the growth of general cargo in Queensland.

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Profile: Dassault Falcon 7X

May 24, 2022 0 comment

The Dassault Falcon 7X is another one of Australia’s fancy special purpose aircraft. It represents a “major capability leap” from its predecessor, the CL-604, and has a crew of three people and can carry up to 14 passengers.

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