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Video: Joyce says sorry to Qantas customers

written by Adam Thorn | August 21, 2022

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has recorded a ‘formal apology’ to frequent flyers for the airline’s post-pandemic struggles.

The video message, which you can watch below, comes alongside a range of perks for long-standing members, including a $50 voucher towards a return flight and a status extension for silver frequent flyers or above.

The TWU on Sunday labelled the apology a gimmick and called on Joyce to resign.

“Over the past few months, too many of you have had flights delayed, flights cancelled, and bags misplaced,” Joyce said via video and an email to be sent on Monday.


“On behalf of the national carrier, I want to apologise and assure you that we’re working hard to get back to our best.

“We’re already seeing a sustained improvement in baggage handling and on-time performance, and while factors out of our control like weather can have an impact on our schedule, we expect things to keep improving each week.

“As well as saying sorry, we also want to say thank you. We’re investing in a range of initiatives, including status extensions for Frequent Flyers Silver and above, thousands of Qantas Points and lounge passes. All our Frequent Flyers in Australia and New Zealand will be offered $50 towards a return Qantas flight, which equates to many millions in discounts.”

Frequent fliers will also be offered up to 50 per cent more ‘classic reward’ seats that can be booked using Qantas Points through to 30 June 2023. A full list of benefits is at the bottom of this page.

The TWU said in response that the Qantas management team had “trashed safety and service standards by eroding working conditions”.

“Australians see through this stunt,” the union said. “The thousands of passengers who’ve spent hours in call centre queues following cancelled flights, delays and lost luggage won’t want to waste more of their time attempting to cash in a voucher to buy themselves more of the same chaos.

“Enough of the gimmicks. If Qantas management or indeed Joyce really cared about customers, the right thing to do would be to appoint a new CEO with the business acumen to bring back highly trained, experienced workers and treat them with respect.

“Only then will the Spirit of Australia be returned to this nation. Aviation has been obliterated by corporate greed.”

The apology comes a month after Qantas’ head of domestic and international operations, Andrew David, penned a similar open letter to travellers.

David admitted the airline was “absolutely not delivering” on service but argued its problems are being replicated around the world.

In 2022, Qantas has faced a string of problems, including huge delays at Easter, hours-long call wait times, and even a revelation that the cabin crew of a Qantas A330 were made to sleep across seats in economy. Last year, the Federal Court ruled the Flying Kangaroo was wrong to outsource 2,000 ground handling roles and subsequently rejected an initial appeal.

Qantas apology rewards in full:

Status extension:

12 months status extension across tiered members Silver and above to continue to enjoy the benefits associated with their tier for another year.

Flight discount offer:

$50 off flight promo code for Australian and New Zealand-based Qantas Frequent Flyer members to redeem towards a return Qantas flight.

Classic Reward availability extension:

Extension of previously announced commitment of up to 50 per cent more reward seat availability on Qantas International, trans-Tasman and popular domestic routes until 30 June 2023 being released progressively from 12 noon Monday.

Qantas Lounge invitations:

Additional invitation for members to use themselves, or offer to a Frequent Flyer friend, colleague or family member, to enjoy a pre-flight visit with them to a Qantas Lounge. For Gold members, an invitation to visit a Qantas Domestic Business Lounge, or for Silver members, an invitation to visit the Qantas Club or an international Business Lounge.

Qantas Points:

A gift of Qantas Points for Platinum and Platinum One members.

An email will be sent to Qantas Frequent Flyers from Monday with details on the offers along with a video message from Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce with a direct apology to customers for the airline’s recent performance issues.

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Comments (6)

  • Carey


    And the QF website crashes as everyone rushes to redeem their apology goodies.

  • SB


    Mr Joyce, what about something for long-term QF FF members who are not silver, gold, or platinum members? Though I took my first QF flight back in the 80s, I have been a QF FF member since May 1996 but have never had a higher level (except once temporarily). I appreciate you want to reward your higher level FF’s, but please don’t forget your long-term FFs!

  • Steve


    Mr Joyce, what about something for long-term QF FFs who are not silver, gold, or platinum members? I took my first QF flight back in the 80s, and have been a QF FF member since May 1996, but have never had a higher level (except once temporarily). I appreciate you want to reward your higher level FF’s, but please don’t forget your long-term FFs!

  • Colin


    Yes there is a problem, yes it is frustrating, yes it could be better BUT it seems as though the only people not understanding is the media and the TWU. I’m sure Qantas is bending over backwards to get back to best. TWU seem to think that destroying an airline is their duty and remember – if Qantas goes bust, there is no airline you will have no members. Keep up the good work you tools

  • Jeremy Gaynor


    He is arguably the most publicly reviled corporate leader in Australian corporate history – a leader who (along with the board – led by James Strong i think ?) have trashed the brand and conducted a pogram against Qantas staff as their business model!! … oh innovative management Mr Joyce ! and i gather he has an MBA! – pfffft

    He MUST go, – along with the Board Chair. They sucked off the public purse during covid and the Morrison Govt colluded by not taking back a stake in the airline. Not even a loan !!

    Furthermore, Olivia the PR person must be removed also immediately.
    In my opinion without taking stock of the collapse in public support and changing direction radically (unlikely) brand damage is not recoverable

  • BazLuvman


    The old patch up job ! Joycie’s AV Spares , A Backyard mechanic’s message to show the shareholders that he really deserves a pay increase because he is so smooth on the camera. A job in Hollywood perhaps Joker Joyce… Time to step down.

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