Cessna’s flagship business jet, Citation Longitude, demos in Australia

Promoted by Textron Aviation | March 7, 2022

The Cessna Citation Longitude revolutionises the super-midsize business jet category with its class-leading quiet cabin and impressive climb and cruise performance.

The Cessna Citation Longitude recently completed its first sales demonstration tour in Australia. For the privileged few with the good fortune to experience the industry-leading aircraft, a recurring compliment was how comfortable and quiet the cabin was throughout the entire flight.

Whisper-quiet cabin equipped for ultimate comfort

This is because engineers at Textron Aviation developed exclusive soundproofing techniques to design the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin. Whether one is resting or conducting business, enjoy the peace and quiet needed to make the most of the time in the air. Being no louder than a car travelling on a freeway, the whisper-quiet cabin allows passengers to feel relaxed and arrive more rested and relaxed even at cruising altitude. This level of quietness is also productive for normal conversations, whether on the phone, through videoconferencing or with other passengers. The productivity continues with the addition of optional inflight Wifi and a state-of-the-art wireless cabin management system with Bluetooth capability and pairing connectivity with modern smartphones and tablets.

The Citation Longitude’s low cabin altitude of 5,950 feet (at 45,000 feet maximum cruise altitude) can help reduce fatigue and improve overall passenger wellness. Fifteen large passenger windows that have been strategically positioned for optimal viewing will also flood the cabin with an abundance of natural light, enhancing the sense of space. The windows can also be remotely closed to fully block out the sunlight to create a cabin environment optimal for resting or watching a full feature film on its large wall-mounted screens.

Customers will appreciate more headspace with a 1.83m high flat-floor cabin which can be customised with optional divans or interior schemes to meet their travel preferences. The super-midsize business jet provides ample room and seats up to 12 passengers. Featuring a double club configuration that provides the most legroom in its class, the fully lay-flat seats can be easily berthed if one chooses to recline and rest. With a well-equipped forward wet galley, passengers onboard the Citation Longitude will not miss the comforts of home. Unlike other jets in a similar category, the aircraft even has a walk-in baggage compartment that is fully accessible at any phase of the flight without restrictions. 

Impressive climb and cruise performance

Another feedback from customers was its impressive climb performance. In one of the demonstration flights flown in Australia, the Citation Longitude took off and climbed direct to FL450 in 17min. Thanks to the two highly efficient and reliable HTF7000 turbofans and its advanced design, the aircraft combines greater performance, low direct operating costs and class-leading efficiency. 

The Citation Longitude delivers a maximum range of 3,500 nautical miles and a maximum cruise speed of 483 knots, similar to those of current airliners. Flying above commercial traffic, passengers can save valuable time while connecting between city pairs as far as Sydney to Manila, Brisbane to Singapore, or Perth to Auckland (with a 2-pilot crew and a typical 4-passenger load at Mach 0.80 and 45,000 feet with zero winds and NBAA IFR Reserves for 200 nm).

Demonstration tour in Australia 

The Citation Longitude’s visit to major Australian cities in late February 2022 was part of a demonstration tour to showcase its quiet cabin, efficiency, and other advantages to potential customers. 

Kate Hamilton, Regional Sales Director for Citation Jets, who travelled state by state, shared, “Fantastic to tour with the Cessna Citation Longitude. Everyone onboard felt safely distanced, and our team was so pleased we had the ability to showcase the features of the aircraft in flight. Notably, customers were vocal about being impressed with the takeoff climb performance and quietness of the cabin exceeding their expectations. Being able to climb direct to 45,000ft in under 17mins and have decibel readings for cabin noise measured by customers on their phones. We were glad to have the opportunity to land at a few regional locations and know the Longitude performed beyond expectations with ample runway to spare.”

Though the Australian demonstration tour has ended, the aircraft continues to leave a deep impression on those who experienced its benefits. Find out more about the new leader in business aviation at https://cessna.txtav.com/en/citation/longitude



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