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Sydney firm claims it will release supersonic airliner by 2025

written by Adam Thorn | May 4, 2021

A Sydney-based company has signed a deal to create a 100-seat supersonic airliner that it believes will enter service as soon as 2025, Australian Aviation can reveal.

Cosmovision Global Corporation claims the new aircraft could fly between Sydney and LA in less than six hours and would boast a flight range comparable to a 787-9.

The business will compete with a range of international companies, including Boom Supersonic and Spike Aerospace, vying to become the first commercial supersonic jet to enter service since the Concorde.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cosmovision told Australian Aviation it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukrainian jet engine manufacturer JSC Motor Sich and designer SE Ivchenko-Progress to develop the aircraft.


The business believes it will be first transcontinental and trans-Pacific supersonic passenger jetliner in Australia.

Cosmovision is best known for its plans to create a space port at Cape York in far north Queensland.

The project is being headed up by Cosmovision president Ilya Osadchuk, a Ukrainian and Australian citizen who moved to Sydney in 1996. According to Cosmovision’s website, Osadchuk previously played a “significant role” in advising Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

He claims to have been “invited to speak at events by presidents of many Western countries, consults several government departments in the Asia-Pacific region and attends social events as a guest speaker, held by the royal families of Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands”.

Cosmovision said it would be arranging “financial resources” for its development and also obtaining “all necessary Australian approvals, permits and licences required for development, production and testing of the prototype engine”. It said it’s already heard from “many potential investors” keen to invest.

The three-year agreement between the trio was signed on 28 April 2021 by Cosmovision’s Osadchuk, Motor Sich’s president Vyacheslav Boguslaev, and Ivchenko-Progress director of enterprise Igor Kravchenko.

“I am very excited to announce this major agreement between our three organisations, which will bring Australia closer to its partners and markets in the United States, Europe and the Middle East,” Osadchuk said today.

“Motor Sich and Ivchenko-Progress are among the leading aircraft engine designers and manufacturers in the world and I am thrilled that they have chosen to partner with my company Cosmovision in Australia to help bring this exciting project to completion and lift-off.

“Motor Sich’s president and general designer, Mr Vyacheslav Boguslaev, has been with his company for 40 years now and he is one of the best aero developers in the world.

“Cosmovision is looking forward to working with Mr Boguslaev and SE Ivchenko-Progress designer general Kravchenko on this unique and ground-breaking project which will enable rapid travel from down under to northern hemisphere countries and continents in times never achieved before by passenger jetliners.”

Cosmovision said jet manufacturer and designer Motor Sich is “one of the world’s top four aircraft and helicopter engine manufacturers” and hailed SE Ivchenko-Progress’ designs are “widely used in both civil and military aircraft”.

In March, World of Aviation reported how supersonic jet maker Aerion has reportedly confirmed orders for 20 of its AS2 supersonic business jets by private aircraft firm NetJets, as well as the launch of a new supersonic aircraft training facility.

The AS2 is vying to become the first supersonic aircraft to enter commercial service in 51 years, as well as the world’s first supersonic business aircraft.

The supersonic jet is powered by fuel-efficient GE Aviation turbofan engines, with the engine-maker confirming it has successfully completed initial designs for the jet engine.

Meanwhile, rival aircraft Boom Overture has already clocked up very high-profile orders from the Sir Richard Branson-backed Virgin Group, Japan Airlines and the US Air Force.

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Comments (15)

  • Nicholas


    I looked for an April 1 date on this story as that is what it deserves….

    • Adam Thorn


      Haha! Ahh yes, Nicholas. Will it ever happen… I’m not so sure. But I spent ages checking this out, getting them on the phone and tracking down their ABN number and company registration etc. It’s legit, but I suspect they underestimate what it takes to create and launch any aircraft, let alone a supersonic one.

      Thanks for your comment!


  • AgentGerko


    Yeah, right. And I’m going to be the first person to walk on Pluto by 2029. Boom has a chance of doing something as its backed by Richard Branson but this mob have been smoking too much weed.

  • Steve Mitchell



  • The AS2 has the same (anticipated) range per litre of fuel as the A320, but seats 12 passengers vs the A320’s 170. So calling its engines “fuel-efficient” is a bit beside the point. It’s more like a way of burning 14 times as much fuel at a time when aviation emissions need to be reduced rapidly.

  • David B


    Hmmm. No-one has yet solved the Boom problem, not even Boom… Not being able to fly over land is a significant limitation.

    While Concorde was very profitable for BA for several decades flying trans-oceanic routes, (and a magnificent experience to fly on) its limitation always remained not being allowed to fly supersonically over land. That is a physics (and a politics) problem that remains a stubborn obstacle.

    This sounds like a ‘speculative’ press release designed to attract investors rather than a concrete project.

    2025? I will believe that when I see air under its wheels.

  • Mike Wazowski


    Maybe borders will be open by then. Unless someone sneezes.

  • Doug


    Always a supporter of new aerospace tech, but NIMBY-ism and environmental wowsers killed-off Concorde which remained as long as it did only through the support of the obscenely rich, to whom the expensive fares were no object and were in fact the cachet of status.

    It wasn’t long after Concorde’s introduction and world tour before only noise abatement regs kept this gorgeous bird out of the skies around the rest of the planet, meaning that only trans-Atlantic routes were available to it.

    The corollary here is that this proposed aircraft would face similar restrictions, but might manage trans-Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean routes: London – New York; Perth – Jo’burg or Kolkata; Perth – Singapore, Shanghai, Bejing or Tokyo; Sydney – LA or Santiago.

    Worse, the same enviro-wowsers and Loony Left (perhaps I repeat myself) are already condemning anything that runs on fossil fuels, or even advertizing for anything that involves that energy source, including aircraft and cruise ships, and I don’t see a solar-powered supersonic aircraft anytime soon.

    Add to all that the Global Socialists’ attempts to wipe out half of humanity with their contrived CV bug or the fake gene therapy disguised as a vax-remedy for it, and potential passenger manifests are likely to look pretty thin, without even allowing for the fact that international travel is lower now than in the days of sailing ships and show little sign of any early returns to what we previously-viewed as normality.

  • Spikeman


    Claim is the right word. Because it will not happen.

  • Marc


    Call me cynical, but to quote Darryl Kerrigan: “Tell him he’s dreamin!”

  • Victor Bien


    Yeah, I saw somewhere recently via Google News? that the very long nose design causes the sonic boom to be much much less – 66db cf the Concorde’s 110db a major factor making it unacceptable.
    This development is interesting and exciting in that the engineering skill of the Russian region is making a big splash and for a change the “west” is a bystander!

  • NO Fucking Way


    Tell them they’re Dreamin’ !

  • Voltron


    I’ll believe this story the day this aircraft makes its maiden flight from the Cape York Spaceport.

  • Scott


    Didn’t it take longer to turn the NBN on??

  • Lindsay


    Another Concorde disaster in the making?
    People are just trying to get from state to state here, & eventually, just overseas.
    Forget about this pipe dream!
    Smacks of too much money, too much time, & no brain.

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