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Passengers told to brace as QLink Dash 8 makes emergency landing

written by Hannah Dowling | May 13, 2021

A QantasLink Dash 8 carrying 64 passengers conducted a priority landing at Brisbane Airport on Thursday after reporting a malfunction within its landing gear.

The problem was later determined to be caused by a “faulty sensor” that reportedly told the pilots in the cockpit that there was a potential issue with the landing gear.


Flight QF2420 was travelling from Newcastle to Brisbane early on Thursday when the problem occurred.

The crew safely landed the aircraft at 9:21am, nearly an hour later than planned after circling over Brisbane’s Moreton Bay.

Images show that the plane’s landing gear did successfully deploy, meaning the issue pertained to the cockpit’s warning signal rather than the gear itself.

The aircraft was met by emergency services on the runway, and later towed back to the terminal.


Brisbane Airport’s operations team were reportedly on stand-by for a full emergency situation, which thankfully didn’t eventuate.

In a statement, Qantas said, “Our Newcastle to Brisbane flight conducted a priority landing on Thursday morning after receiving an indication light in the cockpit about a potential issue with the landing gear.

“Our engineers have found that the indication light was caused by a faulty sensor, the landing gear itself was functioning normally during the flight.

“The pilots followed standard procedures and required checklists for this type of event.”

Video footage from the aircraft showed cabin crew repeatedly instructing passengers to “brace, brace” and “stay down”.

There were no injuries reported among the passengers or crew from the incident.

Passengers were asked to remain seated upon landing and await instructions, and were later escorted back to the terminal on buses.

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  • Alf Allen


    “Brace, brace, brace” yet a moron sees fit to film the touchdown…..

  • Vannus


    SOP in this circ.
    Good outcome due excellent QANTAS training, yet again.

  • David WW Olley


    Thank you Qantas for another fine effort. Thank goodness Qantas has such very high standards of maintenance and pilot training, and that Brisbane Airport is well equipped. The idiot who filmed the event despite being told to brace and stay down, should be blacklisted from Qantas but as is usual with those types they do their filming covertly so they can’t be identified. What an idiot he or she was!

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