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Air New Zealand restarts Tokyo, Narita flights

written by Adam Thorn | June 10, 2020
A pair of Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 at Auckland Airport. (Rob Finlayson)
A pair of Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 at Auckland Airport. (Rob Finlayson)

Air New Zealand will operate one weekly return flight to Tokyo, Narita from 25 June, after previously cancelling the service on 30 March.

The 787-9 Dreamliner will depart from Auckland at 11:15pm and arrive at Narita at 7:20am the following morning.

Prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the flag carrier operated 10 services per week on the popular route. The new schedule is at the bottom of this article.


Only residents are allowed to enter New Zealand and then must complete 14 days in hotel isolation. Similar measures are enforced in reverse.

The new route comes despite the airline still operating a significantly reduced international network, with only limited flights to Australia, Hong Kong, LA, Niue and Norfolk.

General manager Scott Carr said, “We’re pleased to be able to welcome customers back onboard as we restart services to Narita this month, however, we know the rebuilding of our international network is going to take considerable time.”

However, domestically, the airline has announced it will significantly increase its domestic capacity from 20 to 55 per cent in July and August, including restarting its direct A320 service between Auckland and Invercargill.


Already, the business is now operating to all 20 domestic ports it previously serviced.

On Monday, Air New Zealand has confirmed it will drop social distancing imminently after the country lowered its coronavirus restrictions today.

Now the country is in ‘Alert Level 1’, passengers will be able to eat hot food in the airline’s lounges, and unaccompanied minors can travel domestically again.

It comes after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Kiwis could return to mostly normal lives after its last remaining case recovered.


Departs Auckland at 11:15pm, arrives Narita at 7:20am

Departs Narita at 3:30pm, arrives Auckland at 5:05am

There will be a one-off departure from Auckland on 25 June, and Narita on 27 June. From then on every Tuesday from Auckland from 30 June; and from Narita every Friday from 3 July.


(Number of weekly returns in brackets)

Auckland to/from:

  • Blenheim (16) Q300
  • Christchurch (59) A320
  • Dunedin (13) A320
  • Gisborne (23) Q300
  • Invercargill (4) A320
  • Kerikeri (16) Q300
  • Napier (36) ATR/Q300
  • Nelson (32) ATR/Q300
  • New Plymouth (25) ATR/Q300
  • Palmerston North (37) ATR
  • Rotorua (10) Q300
  • Tauranga (28) ATR/Q300
  • Taupo (9) Q300
  • Wellington (64) A320
  • Whangarei (17) Q300
  • Queenstown (47) A320

Wellington to/from:

  • Blenheim (17) Q300
  • Dunedin (19) A320/ATR
  • Gisborne (11) Q300
  • Hamilton (27) ATR/Q300
  • Invercargill (7) Q300
  • Napier (16) ATR
  • Nelson (33) ATR/Q300
  • New Plymouth (16) ATR/Q300
  • Rotorua (16) ATR/Q300
  • Tauranga (22) ATR/Q300
  • Timaru (9) Q300
  • Queenstown (19) A320/ATR

Christchurch to/from:

  • Dunedin (25) ATR
  • Hokitika (9) Q300
  • Hamilton (15) ATR
  • Invercargill (20) ATR
  • Napier (15) ATR/Q300
  • Nelson (25) Q300
  • New Plymouth (7) Q300
  • Palmerston North (19) ATR
  • Rotorua (7) Q300
  • Tauranga (10) Q300
  • Wellington (66) A320/ATR/Q300
  • Queenstown (18) A320/ATR



  • Departs Hamilton 7:30am
  • Departs Wellington 6:05pm


  • Departs Tauranga 7:00am
  • Departs Auckland 6:15pm


  • Departs Napier 7:20am
  • Departs Auckland 3:30pm/6:30pm

New Plymouth-Auckland

  • Departs New Plymouth 8:05am
  • Departs Auckland 4:25pm

New Plymouth-Wellington

  • Departs New Plymouth 7:30am
  • Departs Wellington 5:00pm

Palmerston North-Auckland

  • Departs Palmerston North 7:15am
  • Departs Auckland 4:30pm


  • Departs Nelson 6:30am/8:05am
  • Departs Auckland 3:00pm/5:20pm


  • Departs Nelson 7:05am
  • Departs Wellington 4:30pm/5:50pm


  • Departs Nelson 7:25am
  • Departs Christchurch 6:15pm


  • Departs Dunedin 7:00am
  • Departs Christchurch 5:55pm


  • Departs Invercargill 8:45am
  • Departs Christchurch 4:45pm

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