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AA Podcast: With Captain Aaron Mathis from PSA Airlines

written by | May 3, 2019

This edition of the Australian Aviation podcast features an interview with Captain Aaron Mathis from United States-based PSA Airlines.

In this podcast, Captain Mathis discusses his progression into the airlines, the state of the industry in the US and what it means to him to have the job that he always dreamed about.

Securing his Private Pilot Licence (PPL) at the age of just 17, Mathis was hooked and knew that a career in aviation was exactly where he saw his life going. Mathis discusses his progression from PPL to his instrument rating and beyond.

Captain Aaron Mathis.
Captain Aaron Mathis.

Mathis gives us an unbiased insiders view of what the career opportunities are like for low time Commercial Pilots seeking their first job to either build hours or enter an airline in the USA.

If you’ve ever though of heading to the USA to follow your dreams to become an airline pilot then you are sure to draw some inspiration from Mathis’s story.

Captain Aaron Mathis.
Captain Aaron Mathis.

Watch the video of the interview below:

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AA Podcast: With Captain Aaron Mathis from PSA Airlines Comment

  • Phil


    I’m a bit disappointed you guys couldn’t find one Aussie out of all the hundreds of Australian pilots working in the USA. Missed opportunity

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