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Jetgo takes delivery of second Embraer ERJ-140LR

written by australianaviation.com.au | January 20, 2017

Jetgo has two Embraer ERJ-140LR in its fleet. (Jetgo)
Jetgo has two Embraer ERJ-140LR in its fleet. (Jetgo)

Regional carrier Jetgo has taken delivery of its second Embraer ERJ-140LR.

The regional jet, formerly US-registered N295SK, touched down in Brisbane on Wednesday night after its ferry flight from Quebec City via Edmonton, Anchorage, Nome, Petropavlovsk, Tokyo Haneda, Taipei, Davao, and Horn Island.

The 44-seat ERJ-140LR aircraft has been painted in Jegto livery and registered in Australia as VH-ZJE.

Jetgo took delivery of its first Jetgo ERJ-140LR in October. Meanwhile, a third ERJ-140LR was likely to join the fleet later in 2017. The three aircraft were acquired from Republic Airlines in the United States.

US to Australia the long way: Jetgo’s first Embraer ERJ-140LR arrives Down Under

In addition to the ERJ-140LR, Jetgo also operates 37-seat ERJ-135LRs on its regular public transport (RPT) network comprising nine destinations across three states along Australia’s east coast.


Jetgo plans to start three flights a week between Brisbane and Wagga Wagga from February 13. Jetgo will be the only carrier offering nonstop service on the route. The flights, which will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, have been scheduled as a morning departure from Brisbane and afternoon service from Wagga Wagga.

Jetgo Embraer ERJ-140LR prepares for its ferry flight to Australia. (Jetgo)
Jetgo Embraer ERJ-140LR at Quebec City on its way to Australia. (Jetgo)
Jetgo Embraer ERJ-140LR VH-ZJE at Brisbane Airport after its ferry flight from the USA. (Jetgo)
Jetgo Embraer ERJ-140LR VH-ZJE at Brisbane Airport after its ferry flight from the USA. (Jetgo)

Comments (14)

  • deano


    Come on Jetgo

    Maroochydore – Townsville – Cairns and return
    (Airnorth can sustain Wellcamp to Townsville and Cairns with 100 seater and Jetstar do Gold Coast Cairns twice daily)

    Maroochyore – Newcastle – Canberra – Hobart and return
    Plenty of scope on this route for both through passengers and selling sector seats as well

    Maroochy airport is actively seeking an operator particularly for flights to the north
    Locals detest the drive to Brisbane to travel anywhere other than Syd Mel Adl
    These routes are the perfect fit for the 135 or 140

  • Corey Dark


    A fleet of 5 E-190s would best suit the Sunshine Coast if Qantas and Jetstar don’t pick up the slack. How ever the Sunshine Coast airport needs a whole new terminal built to allow the larger aircraft and current aircraft to park with aero bridges. There needs to be 8-10 Code C gates along with 6+ Code E gates. We will end up with Scoot etc flying to the Sunshine Coast with 787 but more needs to be built NOW so the airlines come. Also they can’t increase the prices as they’re dearer than Brisbane currently.

  • Anil Kattula


    Congratulations Jetgo on being one of the two airlines (other is air north) prepared to give new routes a go. Qantaslink is only concerned with feeding Qantas ex Sydney flights.
    Some suggested routes they should look at:
    1) Latrobe Valley – Sydney (Hazelton did successfully in 90s with Saab 340) .would be a large market particularly from new outer
    suburban areas beyond pakenham as closer than tullamarine in travelling time.
    2) Canberra – Hobart
    3) Canberra – Gold Coast;
    4) Hobart – Adelaide;
    5) Adelaide -Kalgoorlie if range permits
    6) Melbourne – Tamworth
    7) service to Lord Howe and Norfolk island if aircraft capable

  • John


    Would any airline please come service Kalgoorlei. Qantas and Virgin never have specials or anything on routes here. Planes run half full all the time. A third airline would change all of this. either flights to Adelaide again would be good, as the whole time Qantas serviced this I never flew through Perth, or Virgin could pick up more Melbourne frequencies or Palm off the flights from Melbourne to kalgoorlie to Tiger. Or Rex could enter Perth to Esperance with some frequencies Via Kalgoorlie. This would spark some competition in Perth Kalgoorlie Segment, or Air North, Jetgo, or Rex could like Kalgoorlie to Adelaide or Darwin

  • Ben


    @Anil, Fly Corporate is also making inroads on new routes (although with turbo-props). As for your routes;
    1 – LTV-CBR may hold more government work with the move of BFTS from TMW to ESL in 2019.
    2- Virgin tried this one with the E-Jets.
    3- Virgin already flies this.
    4- Tiger tried this.
    5- Possible with onwards service to PER.
    6- A good one that should be looked at.
    7- ex where? However, LHI will NEVER have anything other than Q200’s unless they move the airport or spend serious $$$ expanding the runway. Even now the QLK Q200’s have dispensations to get a decent payload out, it’s just too damn short for modern metal. NLK is probably good E190 (or even E170) territory. The E135/45 will have too short a range to make it work with EDTO/Remote Island Alternate considerations.

  • Craig


    @Anil Kattula

    “3) Canberra – Gold Coast” – service the federal politician investment property market! ?

  • Kim


    Qantas used to operate ADL-KGI-PER. That would seem a logical route for QantasLink with 717s or F100s.

    E145LR doesn’t quite have the range for NLK. The alternates are NOU and AKL but ideally you need to be able to get back to BNE. E170/175/190 LR variant would be possible but are they 120 min ETOPS rated?

  • Anil Kattula


    @ Ben, I had forgotten about fly corporate as they are mainly nsw and queenland, and don’t see or hear of them much in Victoria.

    Some of the routes I suggested may have been triexd by Qantas, virgin, and tiger before but with too larger aircraft. Jetgo, air north or fly corporate couple serve these routes with more suitable aircraft.

    I suggested in another post elsewhere air north should look at Wellcamp – Norfolk Island – Auckland with their Embraers. They have international approval already(Darwin -Dili) Would have good freight ppotential from darling downs producers and air Nz is dropping Norfolk – Auckland.

    These airlines should grab virgins e190s and show the big guys how they should be used!

  • Dave


    Ahh armchair CEO’s. Always know how to run an airline better than the airline themselves. I am sure they have access to a substantial amount of data, which they base their decisions and routes on.
    But hey, if you know how to run an airline better, why not start up your own? Show them how it’s done.

  • Holden



    There’s plenty of room for armchair CEOs. For years the airlines baulked at serving Newcastle effectively (apart from Aerpelican operating Twin Otters from a paved goat track) and laughed off suggestions from “well meaning armchair CEOs” that the city had a large potential. Now it’s a million pax market, making a mockery of the reluctance.

    Similarly armchair CEOs have been touting many of the routes now being served by Air North, Jet Go and Fly Corporate.

    For years Australia’s intra-state government subsidies, combined with capital-city-centric major airlines have created a route network that ignored many opportunities.

    Admittedly both QF mainline and VA mainline have cost structures that probably deny them effectively using longer range regional jets in many areas – leaving them with a hub focussed 150-200 seat (B738/A320) operation. That doesn’t mean other airlines can’t find success in the 40-100 seat long range market.

  • Peter


    Jetgo seem to be getting some bad wraps lately with unreliability and using Rex / Pelair charters to fill the voids. Maybe they are expanding too quickly. Id love to see them align with Fly Corporate maybe by codeshare to really get into some hub busting Having the two compete on the Tamworth flights astounds me. If they build up that market, watch QF come in and clean it up with the lure of connections and the lounge in Tamworth. Ferrying Dash 8s to Tamworth for maintenence, they would be better off doing it with bums on seats.

  • Luke



    I agree with you, Always happy to hear armchair CEO. Generally there comments on routes are from local knowledge, in regards to their local airports.

  • random


    @ Peter — Perhaps JetGo reliability / availability will go up with the additions to the fleet?

    @ Holden — agree with your points… plenty of room for armchair CEOs – some of them actually seem to get it right, and other off-the-wall suggestions are downright innovative. I’m sure some CEOs even scour the industry blogs looking for unusual suggestions. Whilst some suggestions are framed in questionable logic, others are identifying business plans, services and routes that one can only summise have been deliberately ignored (particularly by the mainline airlines) – and not because they lack merit, but rather because they require a shift in thinking. There would have to be more than a few routes / airports / services that have been deliberately overlooked (such as Newcastle airport) – only to become a raging success despite luke-warm or belated commitment.

    A co-op between these hub-busting regionals would make a lot of sense. Stay away from head to head services and sell a broader independent network across regional areas and across State borders (noting Air North is tied up in part with QF).

  • Teddy



    Bring on the arm chair CEO!

    Amazing how often people criticise unofficial insight and nous..

    Arm chair CEOs have foretold the demise of four engine jets before airlines like Qantas saw it coming, and have heralded new markets, routes and airports based on community sentiment before corporations have moved in on “their own grand discoveries”.

    Whilst some suggestions are short on credibility, there are plenty that demonstrate the advantages of not being part of the aviation orthodoxy.

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