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Has the first RAAF P-8A arrived in Australia?

written by australianaviation.com.au | November 14, 2016

First Australian P8 Rollout Event
RAAF P-8A A47-001 pictured at Boeing Field in September. (Boeing)

The first RAAF P-8A Poseidon appears to have arrived in Australia on delivery from Boeing.

On Monday afternoon Twitter user and defence journalist Mike Yeo Tweeted this screen capture from flight tracking website Flightradar24 that shows P-8A A47-001, using callsign ‘ASY 21’, on approach to Avalon Airport near Melbourne after crossing the Tasman from Auckland.

A47-001 was formally rolled out in September, at which stage it was expected to arrive in Canberra on November 15.

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  • Jason


    I don’t think it’s the “delivery flight”. The jet is here for a political handover ceremony, but goes back to JAX for ongoing training etc, before re-appearing at Avalon in Feb/Mar.

  • rpaps5


    Why re-appear at Avalon when it is going to be based at Edinburgh!
    If it is going to be training further Aust. crews what does it matter whether it is in the US or Aus.
    One airframe does not make any capability yet.
    It appears to be operating with an Australian crew and under its Australian military serial number – no US registration – therefore it HAS been delivered and accepted into service!

  • Paul


    @rpaps5 – The P-8’s reappearance at Avalon, if it occurs, would most likely be for the Avalon International Airshow; 28 Feb to 5 Mar.

  • That Ron guy


    Has anybody actually asked the air force, or are we just getting our news from twitter now?

  • mike9


    I wonder why they are based in Edinburgh ?, it couldn’t be further away from the northern approaches they patrol. wouldn’t Townsville or Tindal/Darwin be more logical ? or am I being too sensible

  • bt


    Until the training facility is set up in Australia (including the flight and mission operator simulators), the training has to be done in the US.

    As far as I know, there may not be a training facility set up in Australia. For just a few airplanes, it may just be better to go to the US for training. (Simulators are not cheap)

  • John Reid


    To rpaps5:

    Poseidon back to Avalon for airshow, public days 3-5 March, trade days late Feb – would be a wonderful opportunity to show off the new heavy metal to some of its owners (i.e. the public).

  • rpaps5


    thanks guys – you are probably right , Had a brain-fade, I temporarily forgot it was airshow time again.

  • rpaps5


    Edinburgh has been the Maritime Patrol aircraft base for as long as Australia has had the capability – there has always been the occasional detachment to the likes of Darwin/Townsville etc. but nothing permanent.
    As they now forward base one of the Wedgetail aircraft at Tindal, there is no apparent reason for the P8’s (and the Tritons when they arrive) to only be in SA – possibly habit, and making better use of the established infrastructure in SA – but you are right, it gives them a lot of extra flying time to even get over the Qld/NT/Northern WA coastlines.

  • FrFeeder


    Well no Maritime Patrol aircraft have been based in Richmond and Townsville in the
    60’s and prior to the arrival of the P3’s.

    P8 A47-001 using C/sign SELN54 (SeaLion?) departed Avalon for Canberra at 0104
    and landed Canberra at 0155 Today

  • Geoff



    10 Squadron was reformed in March 1949 in Townsville and remained there till 1978/9 when the neptunes where replaced with Orions.

  • Mick181


    bt, current planning has 15 P-8s replacing 19 (originally 20) P-3s, more than enough to set up our own training base eventually.

  • Craigy


    Geoff is correct, 10 Sqn was based at Townsville until the arrival of the P3B. From memory, I think Whitlam was a navigator with 10 Sqn.

    The P3s were all based at Edinburgh because of the need for facilities and semi equal flying time to for all the areas of operation. Don’t forget the P3s go south as well.

    Aircraft are detached to other bases for operational activities such as monitoring the South Chine Sea from Malaysia

  • the road runner


    We are getting a Training package in 2018 from Boeing. It includes Level D 737 training simulators and weapons/tactics/flight ect sims. I think we are getting 2 sims The simulators will be cheaper than training crews on actual P-8s. One down , 14 more P-8s to come 🙂


  • paul


    There should be more heavy metal unveiled at Avalon next year too.

  • BJ


    As previously discussed there was permanent basing in Townsville until the late 70’s. They were moved due to the cyclone danger, with Cyclone Tracy that had levelled RAAF Darwin and other cyclones that hit RAAF Townsville causing significant damage, not just to base infrastructure but also family housing. Much easier to operate as detachments!

    The RAAF will more than likely invest in a 737 flight simulator, if not a reconfigurable complete E-7A/P-8A simulator. with 6 E-7’s, and 15 – 24 P-8’s in the future, it starts to make sense. Plus these days simulators can often be integrated with each other, so crews in a hornet simulator could work with a E-7 crew in their simulator.

  • Hayden Roberts


    IT LANDED!!!!!!

  • Dave G


    I still remember fondly the lovely sound of a flight of Lincolns from 10MR flying over Townsville on many occasions – including the special “long-nosed” variants that were based there. In many ways it was a sad day when they were replaced by the Neptune.

    Does anyone recall the incredible farewell display of the Lincoln at Amberley? How I wish I had a video camera then.

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