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Jetstar moves into Tullamarine’s new Terminal 4

written by australianaviation.com.au | November 10, 2015

Jetstar's new home at Melbourne Terminal 4. (Jetstar)
Jetstar’s new home at Melbourne Terminal 4. (Jetstar)

Jetstar has joined Tigerair Australia at Melbourne Tullamarine’s new Terminal 4.

The Qantas-owned low-cost carrier set up shop in the new terminal, which features 36 automated checkin kiosks and 18 bag drop units, as well as a larger departures lounge and more shopping and food choices, on Tuesday morning.

Jetstar will have priority access to 12 gates at Terminal 4, compared with four at its previous operating location at Terminal 1, which the airline said would improve operational efficiency and eliminate passenger bussing to the aircraft.

“We know that families and those heading off on holidays want a seamless and hassle free experience at the airport and that’s exactly what this new terminal delivers,” Jetstar Australia and New Zealand chief executive David Hall said in a statement.

“After 11 years, it’s fair to say we’ve outgrown our existing home at Melbourne Airport and we’re excited to offer customers a much faster and easier journey through our bright spacious new terminal.”

Hall said have automatic checkin facilities was in response to customer feedback.

“We expect this will make it faster and easier for Jetstar customers to check in and drop off their bags, all but eliminating queues,” Hall said.


“This will free up our airport customer service team members to get out from behind counters and serve our customers who need some extra assistance through checkin.”

Tigerair was the first airline to be based at Terminal 4, when it shifted out of the old tin shed at Tullamarine in August. Regional Express (Rex) is also due join Tigerair and Jetstar in Terminal 4 in the period ahead.

Melbourne Airport chief executive Lyell Strambi and Jetstar Aust/NZ chief executive David Hall. (Jetstar)
Melbourne Airport chief executive Lyell Strambi and Jetstar Aust/NZ chief executive David Hall. (Jetstar)

Melbourne Airport said in a fact sheet Terminal 4 was designed to handle up to 10 million passengers a year.


“Passengers will experience a seamless journey through Terminal 4, which is the first terminal in the Asia Pacific region to open as a complete self-service operation,” Melbourne Airport said.

There is also a new transport hub for Terminal 4, with dedicated drop-off and pick-up zones, as well as taxi rank, bus interchange and car park.

Jetstar said the “vast majority” of its domestic flights will depart and arrive from Terminal 4. International flights and a number of domestic flights (numbered JQ1 to JQ399) will continue to operate from the Terminal 2, Tullamarine’s international terminal.

Jetstar said eligible passengers would still be to use the Qantas Club and Business Lounge in Terminal 1 prior to their flight after the airline moved to Terminal 4. However it cautioned passengers that “there will be no boarding announcements or flight information screens at the lounge to alert you of any updates or changes to your flight”.

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  • Craigy


    From what I have heard is that there is a massive lack of seating at the gates. Since the low cost model is to charge, maybe soon we will see seats for hire!!!!!

  • Bill . B


    Yes “Craigy” the jetstar the “high profitable margin one ” might be a another new logo they could use as well , or how about ” market share ” 🙂 , nothing ever mentioned about people “or the word airline ! . I’m an Australian aircraft/airline enthusiast just like many people and I have many model aircraft in a collection , but I don’t and wont have anything jetstar related as they leave me feeling cold . I think when Qantas took over Australian Airlines years they destroyed something that was unique to our culture , I really only take an interest in what Virgin Airlines and their fleet are up to ,that’s an airline to me 🙂

  • Anne


    I was left very unimpressed with the new terminal You have to walk a long long way and when you get there you have to sit on the floor There is a seating Area back from the gates which you work out to go back to then the green lighting tells you to now go to the gate for boarding when we got to gate 52 for Launceston last night there was no plane no one there so will all had to line up and stand for 20 minutes until someone appeared you would not want to be an elderly person ( best fly virgin) So let’s go back to the old terminal with more seats and not miles to walk and if we can’t one could hire out some deck chairs to sit in

  • Elizabeth


    Absolutely a disaster. I arrived from Tasmania knowing nothing about a new terminal. I was only just able to walk the distances required with no moving walkways,no seating,no toilets and totally not suited to anyone but the very fit. The walk to the passenger pickup area was another half kilometre. The pickup area was freezing cold ,totally open to the wind . I had to do the reverse tonight to fly back to Tasmania. The talk among many patrons was totally negative. Again an unbelievable and unacceptable distance to walk. No departure gates listed on the display boards.
    General coments amongst patrons was a definite change to Virgin.

  • John B


    Arrived at T4 just after it opened, wow great check in/ baggage collection. Went upstairs, great then around the corner to the gate it was as it was in 2002, a 3rd world airport, pathetic, had to walk to the aircraft through numerous containers joined together. What an embarrassment for “The most liveable City.

  • Sue


    Arrived gate 42 – wow the longest walk. I am relatively fit and was wondering how much further to go. Feel sorry for elderly or less fit on the long walk to gates. More seating perhaps in the walkways for resting or moving floors or mini people movers/ shuttle carts.

  • L Lim


    Thanks for the advance feedback, will definitely NOT use Jetstar to/from Melbourne from now on. Besides having to walk 15 minutes dragging my suitcase to/from the car rental offices, their fares are no longer competitive compared to Qantas when one adds in the extras that is automatically included in a Qantas fare.

  • James


    Wait, so if I am getting this correct, Jetstar has now moved from T1 (in front of the Qantas Club, I think) to T4 where Tigerair is with the awesome container walkway. So does that mean that if I am in the Qantas Club my flight will not be displayed there? I thought it displayed all QF and JQ flights.

  • Well where does one begin re Terminal 4 Melbourne. The only positive is that business is sure to increase for Virgin and Qantas in and out of Tasmania. I arrived on Monday to see people sitting on the floor waiting to board an aircraft, could not believe it! Yes it was busy, and shiny and new. Yes it has a self check in so many Melbournians are now out of work. May I ask where are the travellators???? I have a physical problem with walking as well as age. I thought I was on a cross country hike!!!!! We travel frequently from Hobart to Melbourne and thought the old system was like a cattle yard, but this is indescribable. Shiny yes, new yes, but that’s it. I notice photos of hand shaking officials who never need to travel economy airlines one would guess, or they wouldn’t let this disaster happen. I hope when they start to age they neverhave trouble walking and leave from a terminal 4. What about passenger pick-up???? It used to be easy access just outside baggage pick-up. What about the red bus to the city?? I know change is sometimes takes a while to accept but please look at the seating at departure point and the travellator situation from the humane point of view!!! It is cruel not to cater for people who are not in peak of fitness. I am currently in Melbourne and fearful of my return journey to Hobart next week because I have no alternative but Terminal 4. Look forward to your reply.

  • Avril


    Just spent hours driving around looking for the drop off and pick up area for term 4 for Jetstar and found it almost impossible! Drastic lack of signage…. just could not find it anywhere,ended up driving around where all the taxis were parked. Shocking….fix this problem up. Eventually found it after a lot of driving around and wasting time.
    Please put a sign SOMEWHERE saying drop off and passenger pick up area…..this needs to be fixed…….

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