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Government releases Badgerys Creek draft airport master plan and EIS

written by australianaviation.com.au | October 19, 2015

The federal government "declared" Badgerys Creek as the site for a second airport in Sydney in August. (Jordan Chong)
The federal government “declared” Badgerys Creek as the site for a second airport in Sydney in August. (Jordan Chong)

The federal government has released the draft airport plan and environmental impact statement (EIS) for the proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek, paving the way for construction to begin in 2016.

The documents cover indicative flight paths, noise contours, the building requirements for stage one of the airport’s development and the long term vision for the facility.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss says the release of the airport plan and EIS marked the start of a 60-day public consultation period.

“The Australian Government is committed to a robust assessment of environmental, social and economic impacts to ensure the proposed airport can deliver the best outcomes for the Western Sydney community,” Truss said in a statement on Monday.

“The draft airport plan and the draft EIS have been released together today to ensure that all issues surrounding the airport development can be considered simultaneously.


“We are moving to a position where construction of the new airport could be underway next year, with the airport commencing operations in the mid-2020s.

“With Western Sydney’s population set to balloon from two million to three million people over the next two decades, a Western Sydney airport is about planning for that future.”

The federal government “declared” Badgerys Creek as the site for a second airport in the Sydney basin in August, which ensured further planning work on the airport could proceed and airspace around the proposed facility was protected from potential high-rise buildings.

Government maps and images for arrivals and departures on the initial single runway would be on a south-west, north-east orientation. Arrival flights will be directed to north west of the airport and be between 5,000-7,000 feet when over Penrith and 2,000ft near Bankstown when landing on Runway 23.

Meanwhile, departing aircraft on Runway 05 would be at about 5,000ft by the time they were over Blacktown and at 10,000ft by the time they were at RAAF Base Richmond if headed north, or at 10,000ft between Camden and Picton if heading south.

Sydney Airport, which has a right of first refusal (ROFR) to build and operate a second airport within 100km of the Sydney CBD, welcomed the release of the draft airport plan and EIS in a statement released to the Australian Securities Exchange on Monday.

“The ROFR has a number of stages and since 30 September 2014 Sydney Airport has been engaged in formal and informal consultation with the Australian Government on the airport development and operation. The ROFR process is ongoing,” Sydney Airport said.

Public submissions are due by Friday, December 18. The full master plan can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development website Airport master plan.

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Comments (17)

  • Mike


    All this effort when a second airport is completely unnecessary. KSA isn’t anywhere near capacity and there are alternatives to free up capacity for more international flights.
    1) Lift the curfew. World cities do not do this.
    2) Lift the hourly movement cap. 80 per hour is a political fix. KSA could handle 140 movements per hour without any extra infrastructure.
    3) High speed rail. Nearly 50% of passenger movements through Sydney are domestic passengers going to or from Melbourne or Brisbane. Moving just 20% of Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane domestic passengers to high speed rail would free up a huge number of slots. This is even before you take into account Canberra, Gold Coast, Albury, etc.

  • Aden O'Keefe-Buckton


    i agree with mike, plus well before this is finished Canberra’s masterplan is finished (longer runway, extended/more taxiways, customs, bigger parking aprons etc and cargo) it will take some pressure off Sydney.

  • Adrian P


    Railway expensive, inflexible, environmental disaster as it ploughs through the country.
    Better to flyover the environment.
    Remember 300 km of roads/rail get you between two places while 100 runways 3km long will get you a network.

  • Sam Cannavo


    The blatant disregard for residents in noise affected areas is a disgrace. Why has land that is not noise affected being marked as future industrial development however property that is noise affected has been totally ignored.
    Surely an injustice what possible explanation could there be. The first land to be re zoned should be land that will not be suitable for rural residential. The areas to the south west of the airport have been ignored yet they are the areas most affected by noise.
    There is no town water and these residents will need to rely on the contaminated roofs for their drinking water.
    Who is going to right this wrong?

  • deano


    Fly the ARTs, Q400s ans Saabs into Bankstown
    Bankstown has a lot less traffic than in the 80s and 90s and a rail extension from East Hills could see a direct non stop airport transfer shuttle train linking the 2 airports
    There would be numerous slots freed up at mascot for the small inconvenience of hopping onto a train
    Perhaps this would see more jets serving regional N.S.W. as they would still fly into Mascot


    Simply construct a short east west runway at Mascot around where the fire station is for regionals so that on days that weather conditions force the use of 07 25 more traffic could be accommodated


    A second airport WILL BE a white elephant
    Business = Mascot
    Internationals = Business = Mascot
    Well of holiday makers = Eastern Suburbs, Shire, North Shore and Beaches = Mascot
    Regionals = Transfers or Business = Mascot

    Westies = Jetstar = Badgerys Creek

    Badgerys Creek = Avalon

  • Rodney Marinkovic


    Go ahead with WSA. So joyful news from ”Down Under”!✈. Badgerys Crick will be resurrection awaited fifty years. That is amaysing. Present Aussie Government, include most people is extremely dedicated to achieve goal. To build Western Sydney Airport✈!. Ah my goodness, how lovely story from Homeland!. Neo is time to looking forward for contractors, machinery and hard work. Remain me of my positive activity to build parallel runway at KSA Sydney couple decades ago. Aviation is irresistible part of human communication!✈. Congratulation to all.
    Rodney✈Globrtothers & People in commercial aviation✈. Kraljevo, Serbia ✈✈✈Sydney Australia.

  • Sandra joynes


    You haven’t concided anyone in the st Clair area who seem to have every plain leaving over there area and below 5000 ft . What are you going to do for us in regards to notice. I like how Liverpool always says how wonderful it will be . Of course they think that they don’t have any flight paths effecting them

  • Sandra joynes


    Sorry plane spelt wrong

  • Steve Riley


    Looks bad for Light Aircraft trying to fly between Parra and Penrith. The current ceiling is 7500. The lowest point for arriving heavies will be 2000 at Blacktown. That will mean CTA. That means the end of free flight through to the VFR lane at Parra for all except PPL.
    I’m devastated ??

  • Ben


    The paths look interesting given they seem to have no regard for current paths into the existing Sydney basin airports. The inbound path from the south seems to divert well north of the existing inbound route to SYD and be in the face of the SYD west departures via KAT. The outbound route looks like it attempts to have aircraft nose to nose and wanting the same level in the RIVET area.

    I don’t see what’s with the mess of arrival routes north west of Penrith either?

  • M.Clifford


    Disaster! I’t can be no accident that all the arrivals are concentrated over the Lower Mountains.

  • Tony


    Can only agree wholeheartedy with Mike and his three points. Political Vision is what we need from a government and vision to develop infrastructure that will last well into the future eg High Speed Rail before we become a third world country. And what with the flight paths? No regard to living standards of existing home dwellers, especially in the lower mountains who chose to live there to enjoy the peaceful environment. KSA was there well before current homeowneres in the Mascot region chose to live in that environment. And finally the argument that aircraft are quieter so SWZ can be 24/7 so why can’t SYD be 24/7. Such lame political arguments. Please someone with some Vision!

  • Rod


    Excellent! Now we can have two D Grade airports instead of one A Grade airport…. and with that, Australia fades further behind the rest of the developing world with a culture of making fear based decisions around lack of money…

  • Alpha


    It’s called Macquarie Bank guys.

  • Bob


    Two points: I worked on acquisition of land for the second Sydney Airport (Badgery’s Creek in the early to mid 80’s. Sorry I have no compassion for people who purchased under potential flight paths in the intervening 30 plus years assuming in might not happen.
    Secondly anyone who thinks the existing Sydney airport does not have serious congestion issues regularly at peak periods does not fly..

  • Kath


    My family moved to the Blue Mountains 50 years ago to escape city congestion and pollution. There was supposedly a survey of people to ascertain people’s views but I get the feeling BM residents were not included as I have never seen the results published or known anyone who was included.

    High speed rail is the way to go between capital cities and as Sydney Airport’s flights are 50% domestic we would not need another airport choking up the Sydney basin. Jobs at any price, air, water and noise pollution as well as traffic congestion with no rail line initially means a National Park and people of the west receive a second rate facility and a debased environment. I oppose it with all the BM fresh air I breathe and hope that thinking people will do the same.

  • Oliver


    Such an amazing airport but with no rail to the Sydeny CBD.. It just makes me wonder weather they are actually seriously

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