Badgerys Creek to get new environmental assessment

written by | December 4, 2014
Looking west over Badgerys Creek. (Seth Jaworski)
Looking west over Badgerys Creek. (Seth Jaworski)

The federal government has begun the process for an environmental assessment of Badgerys Creek as the proposed site for a second Sydney airport.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss says the referral of the proposed airport to Environment Minister Greg Hunt is a “precursor in meeting our environmental obligations and, importantly, in allowing for community consultation”.

The assessment will consider environmental, social and economic impacts of building and operating the airport on the 1,700 hectare government-owned site.


There have been two previous environmental impact statements (EIS) on a proposed airport at Badgerys Creek.

The first was the 1985 Second Sydney Airport Site Selection Program Environmental Impact Statement, which looked at all possible locations for an airport and chose 10 for preliminary evaluation.

A second EIS in 1999 examined the planning process, potential aircraft noise impacts, air and water quality impacts, lifestyle and amenity impacts, hazards and risks of an airport at Badgerys Creek.

“The referral has been informed by previous environmental studies, including the comprehensive 1999 environmental assessment,” Truss said in a statement on Wednesday.


“No major impediments to developing an airport were found, which, at the time, was considered one of the most comprehensive environmental assessments in Australia.”

Construction on the site in Sydney’s west was earmarked to start in 2016, with the airport to be operational by the mid-2020s initially with one runway about 4,000 metres in length along a north-east/south-west orientation.

Design of the airport would allow for a second parallel runway of 4,000 metres, giving the facility an eventual capacity of 70 million passengers a year. The airport would have no curfew.

The federal government is currently in a formal nine-month consultation phase with the owners of Sydney Airport, who have the right of first refusal to build and operate any airport within 100km of the existing facility at Mascot.

Truss said SMEC Australia conducted a site survey of Badgerys Creek in September, which provided updated information for the official referral.

“Even so, the Australian government recognises the importance of conducting another environmental assessment and engaging in public consultation process for the Badgerys Creek site,” Truss said.

“The community will have opportunities for input at key points throughout the environmental assessment process. We are committed to meeting all requirements under relevant environment legislation and the guidelines issued by the Minister for the Environment.”

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  • Dean


    Next step get John Wagner to build it !!!!

  • chuck


    Another EIS paying top dollar to consultants. SAC obviously doesn’t want it built as it undermines Mascot so EIS and other stalling tactics will no doubt become commonplace. Whilst I don’t agree with all of the methodology that Wagners used to get Wellcamp built, there has to be some middle ground that stops the consultancy gravy train from getting rich off projects like this, whilst the timeline blows out and costs spiral. This country has to stop using infrastructure and major procurement projects as instruments of social policy. Our society has become process rather than results driven on these major expenditures.

  • mike9


    another report ! well wouldn’t you know ! , Didn’t see that one coming….and this report will cost how much ? and tell us what? honestly what a waste of taxpayers money and time. how many reports have we had ? , how many committees will pour over the same material ad nauseum .Ken Wagner tonight has stated he would be interested in building it . But it won’t happen , too many corners cut , too many consultants with fingers in the pie , sorry Ken you are too efficient , the whole 30 year process is almost comical what a joke !!!

  • Greg


    @Mike9: Sounds like an episode of Utopia! Is the NBA involved? :o)

  • Peter


    I remember an even earlier report called the MANS Report – Major Airport Needs of Sydney. I guess that one got ” filed ” too. Let’s hope any new environment study includes a rail corridor, then maybe we can shame the Infrastructure Prime Minister into putting his hand in his pocket. And while we’re at it, why not get a report done on what would happen at Kingsford Smith if Badgerys Creek DIDN’T go ahead ?

  • code7600


    Really? No curfew in the middle of suburbia? Yet a curfew and movement cap is required at Australia’s busiest Airport? Try running SODPROPS over the Bay from the new one. Why is it not being put up on the Central Coast where they need employment options and infrastructure. Bad, bad planning.

  • John Harrison1


    Well Well another stalling for the “new” Badgerys Creek Airport. I used to live in Sydney and worked at Mascot, but lived in Seven Hills. So when I heard they were going build an airport out west I thought great,
    easy drive to work. Well I live in Perth now, and retired, and will never see Badgerys Creek built in my life time.
    Its in the same basket as the High Speed Train link between Melbourne and Sydney.
    Hopeless Governments, they are all the same lots of noise, and little or no action.

  • Grumpyoldfart


    Another delay for another decision in another decade

  • grant


    Feds should never be allowed to build anything as the cost blow out will be to much for the country to carry..Another report is not necessary, give it to Wagners to build, at least it will happen in my life time at a cost we can afford, better still give it to Wagners to manage and keep the other mob ( SAC ) out..
    Wagners are a proven team of can do people.

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