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Brisbane Airport named capital city airport of the year

written by | November 26, 2014
Brisbane Airport's international terminal. (Brisbane Airport)
Brisbane Airport’s international terminal. (Brisbane Airport)

Brisbane Airport has taken out three awards at the Australian Airports Association (AAA) national conference.

The airport was named capital city airport of the year, with a delighted Brisbane Airport chief executive Julieanne Alroe accepting the trophy at the AAA awards presentation held on the Gold Coast on Tuesday evening.

Brisbane Airport also took out the corporate project of the year for more than 30 staff, for Airbiz Aviation Strategies’ preparation of a report on aircraft noise projections for the airport.


And Mark Willey, Brisbane Airport’s head of airport development and master planner, received the individual award for airport excellence in a capital city airport.

“Regardless of the challenges, every person at BAC is focused on making Brisbane Airport world best and if the awards we’ve received for everything from our environmental sustainability projects and disability access to excellence in customer service are any indication, we’re definitely headed in the right direction,” Alroe said.

Meanwhile, the AAA awarded Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Mike Mrdak a special award for an “individual contribution to the Australian airport industry”.

Full list of awards:

  • Capital City Airport of the Year – Brisbane Airport
  • Major Airport of the Year – Alice Springs Airport
  • Regional Airport of the Year (50,000-499,999 passengers) – Broome Airport
  • Regional Airport of the Year (up to 50,000 passengers) – Tennant Creek Airport
  • Non-RPT Certified Airport of the Year – Onslow Airport
  • Non-Certified Aerodrome of the Year – Lethbridge Airport
  • Corporate Project of the Year (fewer than 30 staff) – Aviation Projects for their input into the business case for the proposed expansion of facilities at Busselton Regional Airport
  • Corporate Project of the Year (more than 30 staff) – Airbiz Aviation Strategies for the preparation of aircraft noise projections for Brisbane Airport
  • Individual Award for Airport Excellence in a Capital City Airport – Mark Willey, head of airport development/master planner, Brisbane Airport
  • Individual Award for Airport Excellence in a Major Airport – Kate McCreery-Carr, general manager operations, Cairns Airport
  • Individual Award for Airport Excellence in a Regional Airport – Rob Menzies, executive director – projects, Broome Airport

National Airport Safety Award winners:

  • National Major Airport winners – Mike New (Baggage Systems Manager, Melbourne Airport) and Craig Manester (Operations Manager, BCS)
  • National Regional Airport winner – Safety Event Reporting and Analysis (SERA) project, Karratha Airport
  • SITA Innovation Award – Melbourne Airport for its T2 international departures check-in project
  • Special award for an individual Contribution to the Australian Airport Industry – Mike Mrdak, Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
Sarah Renner from Melbourne Airport with the SITA Innovation Award alongsideJason Coleman, SITA vice president of sales for Asia Pacific. (SITA)
Sarah Renner from Melbourne Airport with the SITA Innovation Award alongsideJason Coleman, SITA vice president of sales for Asia Pacific. (SITA)

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  • Rhino


    This is a perplexing result. Brisbane International is somewhat of a construction zone around the gates and Brisbane Domestic amenities are average at best.

    Does this suggest that separate international and domestic terminals are the way forward?

  • Chris Grealy


    Apparently the people who vote in these things have never had to drop off or pick up anyone at the domestic terminal in the last three years. They replaced a system which was working with one guaranteed to create a traffic nightmare, endangering drivers and passengers, apparently because BAC are frightened of terrorists.
    Their promise to fix the schemozzle they made has been quietly forgotten. Have a competition for places to be avoided for sanity’s sake and Brisbane Airport would come out on top, no question.



    Obviously the judges have never flown, or picked someone up at Brisbane Airport between 4-8pm….

    That’s when it really shines!

  • Glen


    I hate there free wifi it is totally hopeless and the shopping is rubbish there prices are just awful so expensive.

  • Marther


    How about not having enough runways for the capacity that they accept?

  • Phil


    Obviously the voters dont fly into Brisbane frequently enough to experience the inevitable circling on approach. Brisbane needed a second runway several years ago.

  • Alan Griffiths


    Could we have a competition for “Worst Airport”? Perth would be a front runner for sure, what with the never ending saga of the T1, T2 “International” area – certainly one of the worst I have ever had to endure – and the T3 & T4 “Domestic” areas continuing to be likewise as bad. The entire airport is a disgrace, including its lack of sufficient runways for the traffic it handles (no-one in their management ever heard of the mining boom and its need for slots), but obviously parking and land lease have become big money earners for PA. In the meantime, we still await a 2nd runway, completion of the “International” terminal, and completion of the transition of domestic from the north side to the south side, adjacent to the “International”. And I use inverted commas ” for the names, as they are only so named by their purpose (“International” etc.) not by their capability or performance.

    Our state government – past and present – win no prizes either, as they are more focussed on building a mammoth road interchange adjacent to the airport than providing a proper link to the airport – rail or such. Likewise, the “upgrading” of Great Eastern Highway by the state and federal governments has left us with the best collection of traffic lights yet to be seen on the continent for a City to Airport link – dozens of them, and not one attempt at co-ordinating them at all – Stop-Start all the way, although at times, if you exceed the speed limit (a high speed 60 km/h – you might get through in just a couple of goes. AMAZING!!

    So something for Australia to be proud of – our international visitors must be greatly impressed!!

  • Peter


    Awards for the sake of awards. International terminal is a joke with horrendous queues and no space for security and customs, but they did manage to do the duty free shop quick and first????? Immigration same issues in peak times, hopeless. Domestic terminal is basic and average. Quite likely the award winner for my most hated airport these days only challenged by Perth International. In summary, these awards hold little credibility in my mind, and it seems in the minds of other TRAVELLERS.

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