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Photo – RAAF KC-30 refuelling 3SQN Hornets

written by | June 27, 2014

Exercise Arnhem Thunder 2014

Defence has released this terrific image by FLTLT Michael Head showing a RAAF 33SQN KC-30A tanker refuelling two 3SQN F/A-18A Hornets, with a further four Hornets off each wingtip, during Exercise Arnhem Thunder 2014 last month.

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  • Michael


    Can’t wait to see a picture of it tanking up one of our C-17s!

  • Allan


    I wish I was thirty years younger and able to get my hands on some of the new toys in the airforce fleet. Flying one of these babies would be awesome.

  • David


    Nice shot.

    Who would have thought that those of us n the RAAF in the 1980s, reading Aus Av and being told of imminent decisions in this area would have had to wait until 2013 to have real operational tankers (not just training B-707) and AWACS.

    A long wait but worth it, I would say…

  • Martin


    Mmmm, wonder how long one fuly loaded KC-30A could keep ten F/A-18A’s in the air.

    While at it, I wonder how such a capability stacks up, in terms of value for money, against investment on a modest number of F35B’s deployed from the LHDs…

  • Eamon Hamilton


    @David – The B707 was conceivably a training capability, but don’t forget, it was operationally deployed twice (1998 to Kuwait and 2002 to Kyrgyzstan).

    @Martin – a KC-30A can remain 1800km from its home base with 50 tonnes of fuel available to offload for up to four hours. As for how that stacks up against an LHD carrying F-35Bs, I’ll leave that decision for men with egg on their hats.

  • Zac johnson


    Saw it fly over my school and house and also saw it on flight radar 24.

  • GeorgeB


    It’s a pity the F-111 never had the chance to plug into the flying boom. Problem with the KC-30 is that we don’t have enough of them.

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