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Airbus details MRTT enhancements

written by | June 16, 2014
Two RAAF KC-30As are currently in Getafe assisting Airbus with boom development work.(Airbus Military)
Two RAAF KC-30As are currently in Getafe assisting Airbus with boom development work.(Airbus Military)

Airbus Defence and Space has outlined a number of enhancements for its A330 multi-role tanker transport during its annual media briefing in Getafe last week.

Dubbed MRTT Enhanced and planned to be flight tested from late 2015, the enhancements include improved aerodynamics, engine performance improvement packages, and avionics introduced on commercial A330s in recent years, plus a new mission planning system and software updates for the refuelling boom.

New customers including Singapore will receive the improvements on its six new-build aircraft, while the improvements are expected to be offered as retrofit to current MRTT operators Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Two RAAF KC-30As are currently in Getafe flight-testing a new boom software package.


Airbus says it is currently negotiating with France, India and Qatar for likely MRTT orders, and plans to bid for a tanker competition in Korea.

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  • Glen


    It looks to me like the MRTT is winning the battle for orders. No orders yet apart from the US air force for the 767 tanker and I have a feeling that no one will buy it. I also think the MRTT is a better aircraft and that Boeing only got the contract beacause there making a loss on the deal.

  • BH


    I agree with what you say except for why Boeing won the USAF contract. I don’t think American lawmakers were ever going to let an American company be beaten by a non American company regardless of how capable the A330 platform was.

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