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Qantas deploys the A380 to Dallas-Fort Worth

written by australianaviation.com.au | May 7, 2014

Qantas will operate the Airbus A380 on its services between Sydney and Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) from September 29 this year, as part of network changes that include reducing Sydney-Hong Kong A380 services and the retiming of Melbourne-Dubai-London flights.

The 484-seat, four-class A380 will replace Boeing 747-400ERs which have been operating the DFW services since May 2011, and unlike the 747 is able to operate the return journey from DFW direct to Sydney, negating the need for the current fuel tech-stop in Brisbane. The current daily frequency will be reduced to six times weekly (Tuesday flights will be dropped) but Qantas says the A380 will bring a net 10 per cent increase in capacity on the route, as well as introducing First Class to DFW services.

“Dallas has become an important gateway for Qantas customers since we started flying there in 2011. It is the hub for our partner American Airlines and offers more than 30 destinations beyond the west coast of the United States as well as parts of Canada and Mexico on their network,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said.

“When you combine the A380 with the onward connections available from Dallas, this is a great example of the right aircraft on the right route.”


In a promotional video on the airline’s YouTube channel (see above), Qantas Engineering manager Alan Milne said the A380 was “specifically designed for this long-haul flying,” and that, with the introduction of the A380, “Qantas will once again have the largest aeroplane in the world, on the longest route.” At 13,804km, the Sydney-DFW route is currently recognised as the world’s longest non-stop sector, beating out Delta’s Atlanta-Johannesburg 777-200LR service which is 13,582km, and Emirates’ A380 service between Dubai and Los Angeles at 13,420km.

Qantas has freed up A380 capacity to operate the DFW services thanks to unspecified “adjustments” to “the mix of A380s and B747s flying on the Sydney to Hong Kong route” and the retiming of its QF9/10 A380 services between Melbourne and London via Dubai.

“We have retimed A380 services between Melbourne and London to create a win-win for both our European and American networks,” Joyce said. “This schedule change unlocks more A380 flying time that we can use on the Dallas route, and now offers four times the number of onward connections to Europe because of the new arrival time of the Melbourne flight into Dubai.”

The retimed Melbourne flights were in part necessitated by runway works at Dubai, but Qantas says Melbourne passengers will be able to connect to 17 Emirates flights within a four hour window, rather than four within four hours under current timings. The retimed Melbourne flights take effect from June 20 and will see QF9 depart Melbourne at 2255, arrive into Dubai at 0705 and then London at 1340. The return QF10 will depart London at 1330, arrive into Dubai at 2325 and land in Melbourne at 2055.

Qantas will use Airbus A380s on its SYD-DFW route from Sept 14. (Rob Finlayson)
Qantas will use Airbus A380s on its SYD-DFW route from Sept 29. (Rob Finlayson)


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Comments (10)

  • Patrick Kilby


    So this means QF1/2 is on the ground in LHR for 7 hours; and QF9/10 for 9 hours, thus saving 15 hours or so all up; and I presume due to some slot juggling with EK, who must get the prized 5.30am slot in return.

  • Anthony Hill


    And for a second time in under a month, Brisbane is placed on the backburner by Qantas. I could face the reality that the 747 would slowly disappear from Brisbane, but not two of our three daily services in one month! It was worth every dollar flying the QF8 route while it lasted. Maybe just one more time before it disappears… for good.

  • Lorenzo


    The way I see it is that Qantas are starting to use their current aircraft more efficiently. Its good to see some timetable and schedule changes and if that comes at the expense of Brisbane then so be it (I live in Brisbane myself so I have nothing against it). Sydney and Melbourne are our main hubs which need to be utilised to their fullest. Is it really that inconvenient to be transferred to and Sydney so that our main carrier can become more efficient? I think its the price we have to pay to see Qantas back in the black again.

  • Heather


    It is really very disappointing that the Dallas to Brisbane route has been cancelled. I just flew that route and it was an almost full flight which means it is a popular route. I hope Qantas considers putting the QF8 flight back to Brisbane in the near future.

    • australianaviation.com.au


      Heather, but most of the pax continue on to Sydney, very few actually get off at Brisbane. The 747 only stops in Brisbane because it can’t carry enough fuel and pax to make Sydney economically, whereas the 380 can.



  • Stu


    Not sure how they can say changing the Melbourne LHR flights is partly due to runway work in Dubai. The work started on May 1 and continues to July 20, so not much justification.
    If QF cut many more flights, they will be back to there roots, doing charters with single engine piston aircraft out of Longreach.

  • John


    QF 9 into LHR 1340 hrs .Out at 1330 hrs ? is this a typo

    • australianaviation.com.au


      Hi @John, no that is correct. The inbound QF1 DXB-LHR aircraft will turn around and operate the outbound QF10 LHR-DXB flight. QF1 arrives into LHR at 0645. Likewise the QF9 operating aircraft (arriving LHR 1340) will turn around to operate the outbound QF2 LHR-DXB (departing 2125).

  • Ready to depart


    Dear Qantas: I could have booked First Class flights in October to HKG (via SIN) with SQ on a comparable / arguably better First Class product to yours, but I recently stayed loyal to you at the expense of an extra $1,100 each way, and now you leave me hanging not knowing if my flight will be downgraded to B747 (or possibly even A330). I rang to ask the premium hotline, but got the discount economy response: “sorry sir, we don’t have any firm plans about the A380 schedule changes to HKG, but will likely know a couple of weeks out from your flight; but business class is roughly similar to First on the A380 anyway so you should be OK for the short trip up to HKG……”.
    Please stop giving me reasons to walk away from QF, and understand that your lack of engagement with clients is costing you repeat business. DFW A380 flights are great news and I applaud your recent changes to FF points / status credits based on the true underlying value a passenger generates to the airline. How about being a bit more upfront about any negative changes though, rather than drip feeding the bad news by stealth. You can’t surely sit there and expect the travelling public to think you haven’t already planned out the changes for the HKG A380 schedule……
    Regards, Rob.
    Formerly Plat One, Currently Plat, soon to be Bronze.

  • Dave


    I always thought QF held onto a few old 747’s because they had the range to reach places like DFW whereas the A380 didnt, and for Santiago and Jo’burg as four-engined planes were needed due to the routes being so far from land.
    If the 747’s are so inefficient as we’re told, and the A380’s can do the range, why doesnt QF just retire them all ASAP? Is leasing a few A340’s an option if the A380’s have too much capacity for some of the long routes?

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