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Air New Zealand adds extra SFO flights

written by australianaviation.com.au | March 11, 2014
Air New Zealand is to operate 777-300ERs to San Francisco for the first time. (Air New Zealand)
Air New Zealand is to operate 777-300ERs to San Francisco for the first time. (Air New Zealand)

Air New Zealand is adding extra services on its Auckland-San Francisco route over the northern peak winter period from mid December 2014 to March 2015, with the airline’s existing daily schedule to be augmented by second daily return flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The new second daily services will depart Auckland at 3.30pm and arrive in San Francisco at 6.45am.

“The addition of two new Boeing 777-300 aircraft to our fleet mid this year fuels this growth on San Francisco, whilst also allowing us to again operate 17 services a week to Los Angeles over the peak period,” Air New Zealand chief sales and commercial officer Cam Wallace said.

“The new aircraft will operate two services per day between Auckland and Los Angeles and six days per week between Auckland and San Francisco, meaning customers will be able to book our premium economy Spaceseat and economy Skycouch on our San Francisco flights for the first time.”

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Comments (10)

  • Greg


    Excellent – the 777-300 product offering is great!

  • ian


    You’d think geographically NAN would be a much better hub than AKL.

    Surely QF could operate to SFO via NAN with an A332 & this would then take some of NZ’s business from OZ to SFO via AKL.

    Hell of a lot shorter going OZ/NAN/SFO than OZ/AKL/SFO.

    There are no daylight QF or FJ flights MEL/NAN, so perfect route would be MEL/NAN/SFO, with flights BNE/NAN (3 or 4 days a week) & SYD/NAN (daily) connecting at NAN.

    Now that FJ is using smaller A332 NAN/LAX daily cf. 458 seat 744’s, demand would surely be there, esp from those wanting to earn QF points or AA miles.

    If NZ can do 10/week, surely QF/FJ can do daily ?

  • ian


    QF could use FJ crews NAN/LAX/NAN & even possibly OZ/NAN/OZ.

  • ian


    no one wanting to go to SFO wants to go anywhere near LAX or many people would like to avoid LAX & connections at SFO almost as good as LAX & if going onto YVR, about an hour closer as well.

  • Chris


    Good point Ian, Air NZ is doing well to SFO and YVR as Australians prefer AKL rather than LAX as a transfer point. Air NZ is not complaining but also they can use the 777-200ER. Will they put the 787-9 to Houston?

  • Ben R


    No initially at least chris. The 787 will start with mid haul routes to perth and south east asia

  • Ian M


    Well if you live in Adelaide Air NZ as I have found is the best option to SFO, via AKL, international all the way and the layover time in AKL is minimal. Also the cost is less than QF!

  • GlenCBR


    Again, New Zealand runs rings around the ‘ever-so-much-bigger-and-better’ Australian operators, particularly Qantas! Qantas, as you are aware, has no services to San Francisco or Vancouver (nor does Virgin Australia) but Qantas DID have them until they surrendered to the wisdom of Air NZ – Why on earth can’t the Australian airlines make a profit from these routes? Laziness? Denial? Arrogance?
    If Virgin had sufficient aircraft, I’m sure they could make good money on these routes (and more e.g. Hong Kong or Singapore) – and not just from code shares with AirNZ – but with their own metal.
    Qantas…WAKE UP!!!!! (or are we waiting for the announcement about Jester opening those routes?)
    Virgin – go for it, Qantas seems to have lost the plot!
    Congratulations to AirNZ for their ability to profit from Australia’s indolence!

  • bob


    Funny that air newzealand can add flightf but alan joyce cant fly there ?

  • peter


    There is something not right here,NZ has a population of close to 4million not even a quarter of ours,and yet they are running 10 flights to the states a week and our national carrier cant see profit in one.What is really going on with Qantas.In the coming months Perth won’t even have one international flight to any where with Qantas and yet ANZ see fit to add extra flights out of Perth and to replace the 777-200 with there latest acquisition 787-9 on this route,I believe this is one of ANZ most profitable flights as they have no competition from any other airline.I congratulate ANZ a forward thinking airline and one i have found a pleasure to fly with,even there ageing 767 fleet which is being phrased out have winglets added to get the best out of them why have Qantas never taken this option with there 767s to save a few more dollars.With the stale thinking of there management team i’m not sure if Perth would even see Qantas if it wasn’t for the FIFO workers arriving from the eastern states,a real shame to watch the demise of a once proud airline..

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