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LEAP leaps ahead

written by | February 13, 2014
CFM says its LEAP engine development is on schedule. (CFM)
CFM says its LEAP engine development is on schedule. (CFM)

CFM International says development of its new LEAP high bypass turbofan engine is proceeding with certification expected to be achieved on schedule.

Speaking to media at the Singapore Airshow, CFM executive vice president Chaker Chahrour said the company expects to have 20 engines on test by the end of this year, and that to date, 310 test hours and 400 test cycles have been completed. “This is the most extensive development and certification program in our history,” he said. “The tests we are performing are designed to push the limits of this engine, in addition to certifying it for commercial service.”

He added that the test program will eventually encompass 60 engine builds of LEAP-1A development engines, -1C  production engines for the Comac C919 and Airbus A320neo, and the -1B for the 737MAX, and some 40,000 cycles over the next three years.


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