Qantas overhauls int’l baggage allowance

written by | April 3, 2012
Qantas will shift its baggage alllowance on international flights from a weight-based to a per piece system..

Qantas has overhauled its checked baggage policy on international flights in a move that will benefit premium and frequent flyer passengers.

Under the change, which applies to tickets issued after May 2, Qantas will shift from a weight-based to a piece-based system. That will result in less flexibility for some passengers, with the economy class allowance for flights to Europe and Asia shifting from a total weight of 23kg to a single bag weighing up to 23kg.

Qantas said 70 per cent of international economy passenger travelled with a single checked bag last year.


The change brings Qantas into line with alliance partners British Airways and American Airlines and also mirrors a similar shift by Virgin Australia last month.

Details on the policy are available on Qantas’ website. Among the key changes:

For flights to/from the Americas:

  • The baggage allowance for business and first class passengers increases from two to three pieces weighing up to 32kg each,
  • For economy and premium economy, the allowance remains two pieces of up to 23kg each.

For flights to/from all other destinations:

  • The economy allowance goes from a total weight of 23kg to a single piece of up to 23kg, while premium economy goes from a total of 23kg to two piece of up to 23kg each,
  • The business class allowance shifts from a total weight of 32kg to two pieces of up to 23kg each,
  • The first class allowance goes from a total weigh of 40kg to three pieces of up to 32kg each,
  • Frequent flyer members generally receive a more generous allowance but also shift from a weight-based to piece-based system.

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