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JSF completes first sea trials

written by | October 27, 2011
Two F-35B JSFs completed an 18 day sea trials period aboard the USS Wasp on October 21, the first time the F-35 has operated from a ship.

The trials, which comprised a total of 72 vertical landings and 72 short takeoffs under various but generally benign conditions, saw the two jets – BF-2 and BF-4 – log 28 hours of flight time. Crew members also completed deck and hangar handling trials; the sound, power and thermal impact of the aircraft; and completed basic maintenance duties on the aircraft.

“Wasp Air Department personnel and the JSF team started working together from day one,” said LTCMDR Michael Curcio, Wasp’s assistant air officer and JSF program officer. “Starting initially with the leadership interacting to set the vision for the ship trials, we worked a top-down approach to gradually bring in more people from each respective team. This ensured that, from planning to execution, every detail was tended to and no stone was left unturned. Ultimately, this group was well ahead of the power curve at every juncture.”

The trials – dubbed DT-1 – are the first of three scheduled sea-based developmental tests for the F-35B STOVL variant.


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