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13,600 new pilots needed for Australia/NZ by 2030 – Boeing

written by australianaviation.com.au | September 21, 2011
Boeing has forecast demand for 13,600 new pilots in Oceania. (Paul Sadler)

Boeing has forecast demand for over 400,000 new pilots and technicians in the Asia Pacific region over the next 20 years through to 2030, of which 13,600 new pilots and 15,600 new technicians will be required in Oceania – Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The 2011 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook forecasts that China alone will need 72,700 pilots and 108,300 technicians over the next 20 years.

“The demand for aviation personnel is evident today. In Asia we’re already beginning to see some delays and operational disruptions due to a shortage of pilots,” Boeing Flight Services chief customer officer, Roei Ganzarski said.

“As an industry we must make a concentrated effort to get younger generations excited about careers in aviation. We are competing for talent with alluring hi-tech companies and we need to do a better job showcasing our industry as a global, technological, multi-faceted environment where individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines can make a significant impact.”

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    KIds, dont do it to yourself…… study law or accounting……. or if you dont want to work too hard, Politics……

  • Flying Wombat


    You really have to want to do this for the love of it, and never for the money. You have to pay for training out of your own pocket (unlike for example train drivers). Starting pay, when gaining your flying hours, is pretty poor and most likely you’ll have to move around, often to remote locations. And there is no guarantee you’ll hit the big money.
    Also my own advice is definitely not take this path if you are in your 30s or older. I’ve just turned 39, and entered a 1-year aviation course in the middle of last year. I was forced to drop out earlier this year because I no longer could combine the flight training with earning a living (in an unrelated profession). If you have too much on your plate, your flight lessons will be a waste of time and nothing will stick in your mind.
    If you are very young and have no commitments, go for it.
    If you really must fly, I strongly recommend looking into Recreational Aviation. It’s incredibly affordable. This is how I got started in flying, and you can have some pretty awesome adventures if you find the right flying group.

  • Too low


    Funny, the doctors, accountants and legal people I know and fly privately, wish they took aviation as a career instead of being stuck in a box all day.
    To all that want it. It’s not easy. Don’t get distracted. Focus on it. Do it.

  • Money Bags


    You know how you can stop youngsters going to the hi tech alluring jobs????


    No one cares about the technology in the industry.

    Regardless, I don’t think the airlines are too worried about the so called “the pilot shortage”. Cathay have significantly reduced their salaries for new SO’s this year.

    If my kids ever want to become a pilot, I will fair dinkum chain them up in the basement.

  • Steve


    New Tui advert: “13,600 pilots needed for Australia/NZ by 2030” ……..yeah right!

  • Chuck


    I’m a teenager in the aviation industry. I’d say do it if flying is what you wanted to do, you’ll definitely enjoy it. I’m doing my ATPL now and it isn’t easy, but if you want to job that much you will find the effort and time and you will pass. Wish you all the best, i’ll see you in an A320 next year!

  • richard


    I guess Boeing is out of touch with the real world………

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