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Qantas engineers to hold a one minute work stoppage

written by | July 13, 2011
Qantas tails.

Qantas engineers will hold a “one minute work stoppage” this Friday, in order to validate its original ballot for Protected Industrial Action (PIA) before it expires on July 22.

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) had previously cancelled nationwide strike action on July 4, following CASA’s grounding of Tiger Airways on July 1. However, in order to avoid “legal hurdles”, the ALAEA is now calling on its Qantas engineer members to take the work stoppage at 10am Friday in order “to make a small token stand” against the airline.

“Again this may seem strange or a waste of time however it has been designed to head off one legal avenue that the company may have chosen to exercise.  The action must take place at this time precisely and should involve a one minute wage docking (not four hours),” ALAEA federal secretary, Steve Purvinas wrote in a website notice.


“The ballot was declared on the 22nd of June and that means the result remains valid until 21st of July. Before that time we must take action or the result will expire.  If we take action, the campaign can continue indefinitely until an outcome is achieved,” he added.

Further, two ALAEA engineers will reportedly only use their left hand while conducting aircraft maintenance at Melbourne and Perth as the ongoing dispute between both parties continues.

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