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GippsAero celebrates Nomad 40th anniversary

written by australianaviation.com.au | July 25, 2011
VH-ATO is currently the only airworthy Nomad in Australia, 40 years after the type's first flight. (Stuart Rutherford)

GippsAero has celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the Australian designed and built GAF Nomad twin turboprop on July 23 by confirming its plans to place the type back into production as the GA18, with service entry planned for 2014.

“The N24A based GA18 will be re-engineered with upgraded engines, new propellers, glass cockpit, weight saving measures, reduced maintenance requirements and aerodynamic refinements,” GippsAero said in a statement marking the July 23 anniversary. “Following an extensive development and test program, the type will be certificated to FAR 23 at Amendment 59. GippsAero plans to bring the GA18 to the market place in 2014.”

As part of those plans, GippsAero has acquired New Zealand based N24A Nomad ZK-NMC, which will serve as the development aircraft for the GA18.

GippsAero acquired the Nomad type certificate in 2008, and as well as working to return the aircraft to production, provides engineering and spares support for the 40 or so Nomads still operational around the world.

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Comments (6)

  • Damian


    Good luck with this project – though sad the company isn’t Australian-owned.

  • robert h


    Have just read where the GAF Nomad will be going back into production and may be ready for service in 2014,I wish this exercise well,,,,but I also remember the many problems with the earlyer aircraft,back in the 80s and 90s,,,,,there were a number of accidents,some fatel,,,,the army aviation aircraft also had isue,s with the nomad at this time,and of course one of the big problem,s ,tail plane cracking which affected a third of the fleet,,,,the ABC 4 corners program and other media covered these ups and downs of the nomad at the time plus the sale to the U.S. that did not go well,,,,,I just ask that history is not repeted,the mistakes of the past are learned from,and this new aircraft will be a success for all,,,,Do appreciate the opportunity to put my thoughts forward,,thank you

  • Gobsmacked


    Won’t the Chinese be upset.
    The Harbin Y12 is the current production model.
    They will have something to say, and take offence, and possible trade sanctions.

  • Cathy


    Great news at last, probably good to remind people who believes mud sticks that this is a new aircraft, and I wish the project well. It’s a project I’ve been hoping would happen for a very long time, and for now it’s in good hands.

  • phil gibbs


    I hope this goes well. As a former Army aircraft technician, I spent over one thousand hours in the right hand seat of the Army’s Nomads until we sold them to the Indonesians in 1997. The Nomad was never as bad as it painted, and even though there were known problems, they were manageable if all the operational and maintenance requirements were carried out with diligence and care. I loved the old beasts (and still do).
    Good luck and I can’t wait to see a Nomad airborne again (and over Oakey if possible)

  • Tony Bailey


    Good luck with the project from a former Nomad electrical technician. I worked on the first Nomads produced by GAF at Avalon Airfield in the 70s, I have fond memories of the aircraft and the people I worked with.

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