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Site acceptance for EROC

written by | April 4, 2011

Boeing has announced the completion of site acceptance for the EROC (Eastern Regional Operations Centre) component of the Vigilare command and control system for the RAAF.

“EROC is the last piece of the puzzle for Vigilare. Once it joins the Northern Regional Operations Centre (NROC) in operations, the RAAF will have a truly complete and comprehensive operational picture of the skies above Australia and surrounding areas,” said Lee Davis, Boeing Defence Australia’s Vigilare project manager.

Site acceptance testing, conducted over March 7-18, saw Boeing demonstrate that “EROC is successfully interfacing with all external systems and that Vigilare has the full range of system functionality to provide enhanced battlespace management and surveillance operations for the RAAF”, the company said in a statement.


Operational testing of EROC has been taking place since March 28 and will run through to April 8. Successful operational testing will clear EROC for conditional acceptance, the last milestone before final acceptance by the Commonwealth.

NROC has been operational since September 2.

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