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KAI to build F-15SE weapons bays

written by | November 4, 2010
photo - Boeing

Boeing and Korean Aerospace (KAI) have signed an agreement that will see KAI design, develop and build the conformal weapons bays (CWB) for the F-15SE Silent Eagle.

The CWBs will feature two bays on each side for the internal carriage of air-to-air missiles and JDAM class bombs, as well as additional fuel storage. The CWBs, in conjunction with detailed shaping and coatings on the forward fuselage, canted vertical stablisers and other enhancements will give the F-15SE a low radar cross section in the forward and side quadrants compared to other fourth generation fighters.

“KAI is a leading aerospace company with world-class core technical capabilities that complement Boeing’s,” said Roger Besancenez, Boeing F-15 program vice president. “We are excited about KAI’s growing role on the development and production of key technologies for Boeing aircraft.”


Boeing is pitching the F-15SE to Korea for its FX-III requirement.

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