Air Affairs and Discovery Air Defence start support for RAAF fast-jet training

Air Affairs Australia and Discovery Air Defence Services have completed their first fast-jet training missions in support of the Australian Defence Force’s Fast Jet Trial contract.

Air Affairs stated that four of its Learjet aircraft and two Discovery Air Defence modified Alpha Jet aircraft participated in air-to-air missions as ‘red air aggressors’ near RAAF Base Williamtown.

“Air Affairs Australia is pleased to be working closely with Discovery Air Defence for the Fast Jet Trial,” the company stated. “Both companies are proud to be selected for this initial fast-jet trial.

“Discovery Air Defence’s proven track-record in contracted air services brings a complementary solution to our current Jet Air Services contract.

“Our common commitment to the highest levels of safety and airworthiness will ensure the best training for the Australian Defence Force.”

The aircraft were taking part in 81 Wing work-ups for future exercises, Discovery Air Defence stated.

“This mission marks the achievement of initial operating capability in our Australian fast-jet program,” said Paul Bouchard, president of Discovery Air Defence.

“Working closely with our partner Air Affairs Australia, also an expert in providing both jet and unmanned target services, we look forward to training the Australian Defence Force with highly representative adversary threats beyond this trial and into the future.”


  1. James says

    Who would’ve thought of having Alpha Jets flying in Australian skies, especially in an adversary/aggressor role.

  2. Mick181 says

    Aggressor Trg is about Dissimilar Air Combat Trg (DACT). If you google and read Airpower 101 you will get a very good idea about how Aggressor trg is done and the Top Gun movie doesn’t even get close.
    It is not about who the Gun pilot is, it is about creating better Pilots.

  3. John says

    I expect they’re really not doing a lot of DACT, especially not the complicated or intense DACT scenarios. After all there are only 3 jets (which assumes 2 available for each serial)..

    I assume they are doing lots of things the RAAF either don’t want to do, or that is expensive for them to do. Things like FCI training, JTAC training and fleet support (with the Lears from AA that already do this) An Alpha jet would be considerably cheaper than a hornet or a Hawk for these sort of sorties.

    Does anyone know if they are cleared to drop practice weapons as part of the JTAC training. In the US Draken and the like do drop practice weapons when doing that sort of role..