Rainbow Roo – Qantas shows support for Sydney Mardi Gras

Qantas Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ featuring Mardi Gras livery takes off as QF433 for Melbourne (Kurt Ams)
Qantas Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ featuring Mardi Gras livery takes off as QF433 for Melbourne (Kurt Ams)

Qantas has added a touch of colour to one of its aircraft in a show of support for the the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Airbus A330-300 VH-QPJ features a rainbow flag alongside the Flying Kangaroo on the tail, while the airline’s name on the fuselage is in rainbow colours.

The aircraft operated its first flights sporting the new look on Friday as QF433 from Sydney to Melbourne, and then QF37 from Melbourne to Singapore.

It is unclear how the Flying Kangaroo on the tail is holding up the rainbow flag, given it lost it paws in the airline’s recent rebranding.

Qantas is the official airline sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras (Kurt Ams)
Qantas is the official airline sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras (Kurt Ams)

The 39th Mardi Gras parade through the streets of Sydney takes place on Saturday March 4. Since 2015, Qantas has had a float participate in the parade called the Gay380.

A video from Qantas’s Facebook page shows the airline’s 2015 Mardi Gras Parade float.


  1. Robert says

    Great to see Qantas supporting the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

    On the logo — it’s a clear failure. Search any Qantas post that mentions #NewRoo and you’ll get at least 50% of comments in the negative. It’s not too late to acknowledge this brand failure and revert back to the elegant 2007 solution.

    The GAP did it in 2010 and that’s just one example of a brand that listens to its customers and puts customer comments and customer feedback ahead of the aspirations of its marketing manager or chief designer.

  2. Kevin says

    Well done Qantas! It’s brilliant to see a company as diverse as Qantas leading the way to support equality and inclusiveness. Get people talking – very proud of our Flying Kangaroo!

  3. Jonathan says

    last comment still awaiting moderation – even though there have been 3 since I made it.
    could it be an alternative view to the status quo is not permitted on this website??

  4. says

    Boeing just did an update on its delivery schedule (including for Qantas). The first 4 of Qantas’s new B787-900 are now due as follows:-

    1st Airframe – 12th Oct 2017
    2nd Airframe – 1st Dec 2017
    3rd Airframe – 31st Dec 2017
    4th Airframe – 22nd Feb 2018

    This next batch interestingly includes 2 x Boeing 787s for El Al and a 5th Boeing 787 for Royal Brunei, so we might see more flights into Australia with this new equip,eat from RBA.

  5. Ron says

    What an outstanding achievement! I would not have thought it possible to make the new livery look worse but clearly I underestimate the ability of the marketing department. I don’t have a problem with Qantas supporting (a cynic might say patronising) the LGBTI community but you don’t mess with your brand to do so.

  6. Vannus says

    I like the new ‘Roo!
    Now in the 21st Century!

    BTW, the end of the flag’s ‘pole’ is in the ‘Roo’s pouch!

    Well done, yet again, QANTAS!

  7. Rick says

    The new logo (no paws bat-thing) is a disgrace. What a shambles.

    Wonderful to see the airline supporting the Mardi Gras.

  8. Peter says

    I love this livery. And to those wondering how it is holding it, i have an idea why the New Roo doesn’t have arms because it it is just a little joey because the old kangaroo got old and retired (much like Qantas’s 747’s) and the little joey is stepping up and taking its place

  9. Stuart says

    I think the new Qantas logo looks clean, classy and modern, on this A330 and especially on the 787 (well, at least in the concept photo). Well done QANTAS!
    Sometimes it just takes a few weeks or months for people to warm up to a new design. I felt the same way (appalled) when VA changed its branding designs but now I find it appealing.