First flight for RAAF C-27J

The first RAAF C-27J has flown.
The first RAAF C-27J has flown.

The RAAF’s first C-27J Spartan tactical transport aircraft has completed its maiden flight in Italy.

DMO chief executive officer Warren King stated that the milestone represents a major step towards enhancing airlift capability. King said in a statement that the C-27J program remains on budget and on schedule, with the first two aircraft due to arrive in Australia in 2015.

Alenia Aermacchi stated on November 22 that the first RAAF C-27J is expected to be delivered to prime contractor L-3 Communications in the first quarter of 2014


  1. Dane says

    Would’ve been good to see it in a camouflage considering it’s supposed to be a “tactical” transport

  2. Steve says

    I think the semi-matt grey/green upper/side surfaces will be a suitable compromise for overwater and over jungle camouflage, much as the semi-matt light grey is suitable for P-3 camouflage.
    Note that most USAF aircraft also use a single colour (grey) for camouflage.

  3. Damian says

    Is the main colour a grey with a greenish tinge or is it just the lighting? If it does have a greenish tinge this should look great!

  4. Wayne says

    I like this scheme. The C-130J’s are now being painted the same. In the daylight it is dark grey over light grey. Remember they also do lots of night ops with NVG’s these days too so the darker colour works best. Great to see “Skippy” on the tail too…

  5. George says

    The colour is probably in line with the new navy colour schemes. Gone are the old north Atlantic Grey and new green is in. Perhaps this is the first view of that colour scheme.

  6. says

    Colours look exactly the same as the C130J/H colour scheme, “Blue Grey” and “Dark Grey”. They don’t blend the two colours like on the Hercs and I think not stopping the scheme before the radome looks weird.

  7. Dane says

    The RAAF opted not to have it fitted because the aircraft would be unlikely to fly distances where it would be needed. The frames will be plumbed so the probe can be fitted later if required. It is actually cheaper to land and refuel than to launch a tanker mission to refuel mid-air.