A330 reveals first hints of new Virgin Blue livery

VH-XFA at Sydney, evidently sporting the first elements of Virgin Blue's new livery. (Lee Gatland)

Virgin Blue’s first Airbus A330-200, VH-XFA, had decals applied to it at Sydney Airport on April 1 which appeared to hint at the airline’s new livery.

Photos showed the aircraft featuring a new version of the Virgin ‘flying lady’ on the aircraft’s nose, plus a red band around the engine cowling. No further markings, such as titles or logos, and certainly no evidence of the airline’s much anticipated new name, have as yet been applied to the ex Emirates aircraft.

The decals were applied in the open at Sydney Airport’s Bay 94.

A close-up of XFA's 'flying lady'. (Lee Gatland)

The airline is due to place its first two leased A330-200s into transcontinental domestic service next month.

UPDATE – The decals proved shortlived, and had been removed from XFA by April 2, when the aircraft was noted flying circuits at Sydney, where it was understood to be being filmed for marketing purposes, before it returned to Melbourne.


  1. Hugo says

    I wish they would hurry with the new livery its been going on for ages, how hard is it for them to convince Singapore Airlines haha.

    Im guessing the new name will also be VIRGIN PACIFIC and the livery will be similar to V Australia white fuselage and font and lettering they used for Virgin Atlantic, with red engine casings.

    I would die well not really if they keep Virgin Blue, but would smile if they have manage to convince singapore for the use of Virgin Australia, however i doubt that would be the name cause then it would alienate its pacific operations like in PI & NZ & Samoa (Polynesian ).

    Does anyone on here have any ideas about the livery or heard any rumours,

    Cheers Everyone

  2. AA23 says

    Hugo, They still need authority from SQ to use Virgin Pacific….. Its the Virgin name that they need approval so both ways they need approval which means if they do .. im guessing they will choose Virgin Australia, If you realise also on some Pacific Blue planes on the side it says Airline Of Virgin Blue in big writing which really it shows they have authority to use the Virgin name outside of australia, cause those planes are going to Bali and Phuket

  3. Victor Alpha says

    The fact that this was posted on the 1st April (April Fools Day) makes me a question how legitimate this article and these photos are…

    If they are in fact authentic, this is some long awaited and exciting news!

    I think it’s safe to say at this point, that the new livery will be very in keeping with the current V Australia and Virgin Atlantic livery. Judging from those photos, a silver fuselage, the red stripe on the engines, and the Virgin lady is NOT something new to the brand… but it’s nonetheless very Virgin.

    In regards to the new style Virgin lady, i’m not too sure what to think right now. Looks like Virgin Blue/Australia/Pacific have covered up our lovely Virgin lady with more clothing to add more class (something the new brand is aiming for). Yes she looks like quite elegant, but I do love the current ‘denim short shorts, brimmed hat and bikini flag flying’ Virgin lady. This new style Virgin lady doesn’t really have anything distinctively Aussie about her, except that of course, she is flying the Australian flag.

    I can only hope and assume that with the introduction of Virgin’s A330’s in May will we see her sporting the new livery and new name!

  4. Adrian says

    AA23 – Whats the confusion? The markings are no longer on the aircraft, if they were even there at all in the first place. The plane is all white again. Yesterday it was flying circuits around Sydney for media and PR photos before heading back to melbourne.

  5. Michael says

    The drawing out of this livery reveal is now Virgin on ridiculous!

    I’m thinking it will be a mix of the Virgin Atlantic and V Aus liveries, dropping the Union Jack from the aft fuse. As for the Lady in the above pics, what’s with her right leg? She looks like a mermaid! Leave it as it currently is on the VB fleet. If it needs to be changed,to as above (shape, size and size of flag), do so but clothe her the same as now.

  6. Neil says

    Does it matter if it is Virgin Australia or Pacific – as long as they get rid of that outdated red cut price look.
    Like it or not image means a lot in the airline industry- Cheap looking flying billboards just don’t cut it.

  7. Peter says

    Virgin Pacific more than likely new name >Nicely compliment more formal tie in with Virgin Atlantic .Look for livery clues using current V Australia colours etc

  8. nt.pilot says

    I actually like the red planes that they have now, they stand out from the rest!

  9. Gary Squire says

    I think the comments leaning towards red tail and white fuselage with at least some red on the engines seem the most likely. SImilar to Virgin America maybe. With purple-blue font for the name – Virgin Australia, Virgin Pacific or whatever. Would explain the all-white A330 and the two all-white-but-AFL-decalled 737s and E190. With the red more a carnation colour (as V Australia), it would also match the new uniforms with their deep red and purple-blue scarves.

    My hope is, that with the maturing of the airline and its livery, they also drop the childish aircraft names for something with a little more meaning and dignity. ‘Fun’ in the air might have provided a catchy difference originally from the more stuffy images of Qantas and Ansett at the time, but fun and necessary discipline do not always go hand in glove.

    Speaking of Ansett, does anyone else see the naming of the Qantas A380 ‘Reginald Ansett’ not as a nice sentimental touch but rather as a masterstroke of marketing? To use primative comparisons, Qantas has now ‘eaten Ansett’ and so gained its soul. It is as if Qantas (with TAA) has linked with its old rival Ansett to say ‘we are the original airlines in this nation – the other newcomers are interlopers and transients’

  10. Hugo says

    I agree with Michael comment below haha

    Michael says:
    April 4, 2011 at 12:07 pm
    The drawing out of this livery reveal is now Virgin on ridiculous!

    I guess maybe with the launch of A330 Perth Services maybe they will give us a hint at
    new livery. I agree with Neil comments, as long as they get rid of the cheap looking Red Livery and billboards I think they will with new launch they will make more in roads into the business market.

    Hope we dont have to wait much longer @VirginBlue…. cant wait till you ditch that name too

  11. Mitch says

    I honestly think the name is more likely to be V Australia, but more so I think “Virgin” will be dropped altogether. My guess is a simple livery such as what V Australia currently runs, to cut costs on painting and washing etc. (Remember, Borghetti comes from Qantas, and his priority is shareholders return). SIA will never allow another international Virgin – especially from Australia, a country which it has been fighting for more seats for a long time now.

  12. Will Reid says

    well Virgin Blue is the parent company of Pacific Blue and V Australia, so they should be able to fly anywhere with that name.

  13. Will Reid says

    One question is on my mind, if Virgin Blue is changing names and scheme will V Australia and Pacific blue be knowen as that as well and change scheme as well?