Tasman Cargo 727 makes final flight

727-200F VH-DHE in Sydney o the evening of August 31. (Seth Jaworski)

Tasman Cargo Airlines has operated the final flight of an Australian registered Boeing 727, with the aircraft now to be replaced by a 757.

TCA operated the last 727 service from Auckland to Sydney and return to Auckland with 727-200F VH-DHE on the night of August 31, with the aircraft now retired. The 727’s retirement was forced by federal government changes in noise regulations which banned “marginally noise-compliant” older hushkitted aircraft from Australian airspace with effect from September 1.

In place of the 727, TCA is wet leasing  757-200 Freighter G‑BMRJ from DHL Air to operate a five times weekly (up from four with the 727) Auckland-Sydney-Auckland schedule over the next year ahead of TCA sourcing its own 757. The new aircraft will offer an additional 15 tonnes of freight capacity over the 727 and is also 25 per cent more fuel efficient.

Wet leased 757-200F G‑BMRJ. (DHL)

The retirement and Tasman Cargo’s freigther operations will be covered in the October edition of Australian Aviation.


  1. John L says

    I too still miss the great 727 cargo flight in and out of Hobart, tea time is just not the same anymore without the 727 passing low overhead!!!!!!!! It was GREAT.

  2. Tuts says

    It’s a shame that economics and other things like noise cause the demise of such great aircraft. I remember going airside at Sydney and going into the cockpit of the old 727-200. Beautiful aircraft.