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Bonza ditches Coca-Cola to serve ‘Aussie-only’ menu

written by Adam Thorn | April 7, 2022

An artist’s impression of a 737 MAX in Bonza livery.

Bonza has said it will only serve Australian-made food and drink onboard its flights when it launches later this year.

The commitment means it will not present passengers with the choice to purchase international branded potato chips or soft drinks such as Coca-Cola.

Bonza is set to launch in mid-2022 and is unique in that most of its services are so-called “point-to-point” routes between regional hubs, rather than flying between, or to, capital cities. The network has led to its “Allstralia” branding and ethos.

Carly Povey, Bonza’s chief commercial officer said, “We have been asking customers what they want to eat and drink onboard through our Fly Bonza app and social channels.

“The demand is there with more than two-thirds of respondents wanting local over global flavours.”


Bonza said it has still not chosen an onboard retail partner, which won’t be confirmed for another few weeks.

The announcement comes weeks after Bonza said it had begun advertising for over 200 recruits, as it seeks to scoop up professionals that lost or left domestic airline jobs throughout the pandemic.

The airline is currently on the lookout for pilots and cabin crew to man its initial fleet of five 737 MAX jets, after filling many of its higher corporate positions late last year.

Roles are currently on offer at both of Bonza’s aircraft bases, on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne, as the airline gears up to fly 27 routes to 17 destinations around the country.

Bonza CEO Tim Jordan told Australian Aviation the business had already been “overwhelmed with interest” in people seeking out roles at Bonza, with over 5,000 registrations of interest sent through via its website since October.

Earlier, speaking exclusively with Australian Aviation, Jordan highlighted his interest in hiring highly trained and experienced aviation professionals that had lost their jobs during the pandemic.

He noted the “opportunity” that the COVID pandemic presented to Bonza when it comes to seeking out experienced workers to fill its ranks.

“Now, there are some wonderful and experienced aviation professionals available out there who are looking to get themselves back into the industry,” he said.

According to Jordan, if Bonza had launched two years ago or more, securing experienced aviation workers would have been considered more of a “hurdle” for the start-up, “whereas now, it’s an opportunity for us”.

At this time, estimates suggested that over 11,000 aviation professionals had lost their jobs across Qantas and Virgin alone since March 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic sector.

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Comments (10)

  • Warwick


    Bonza hasn’t bothered releasing their flights’ schedules’ or fare prices’ yet.
    Think this is more important to possible future customers’ than what soft-drink they maybe served on-board.

    What’s the reason the bosses’ are playing all so close to their chests?
    The airline is supposedly being backed by a very wealthy US investor.

    Time Bonza advised what’s going on with it, or not.

  • Sally Smith


    If Bonza doesn’t discriminate and hires unvaccinated flight staff, I’m sure there will be many wonderful, experienced professionals to choose from. As a bonus, the flights will be safer without the concern of pilots suffering sudden heart-attacks which is occurring more and more frequently amongst vaccinated people.

    • samir


      Silly Sally- the fakest of fake news.

  • Tim Ellerton


    Sally Smith I don’t know where you’re getting your data from, but the rise in heart attacks is in people who’ve had Covid, for sick, and recovered. It is the virus that has been creating a whole lot of lingering health side effects; it is a misdirection to state that the rise in heart attacks is attributed to the vaccines. But the good thing for those vaccinated is that their chances of becoming seriously ill after contracting Covid is significantly lessened, ergo there is a REDUCED likelihood of heart attack in vaccinated persons, per capita. And there’s a ton of real data, not Facebook posts, that verify this. Do some research on credible sites and move on.

  • Elizabeth Watson


    Fabulous news BONZA to hear you guys will be servicing Australia with your flights soon….can’t wait! Exciting for us all with new competition.
    I’ll be keeping a close eye on your flight routes!
    Cheers & Congrats!

  • T-


    Nice idea. Choose local wherever one may live.

  • peter finlay


    Im surprised that Bonza did not opt for the A220 for the market they are targeting, with a 18% less operating cost per passenger and a better aircraft for shorter runways it seems obvious it would have been a better option for Bonza.

    • Darren


      Or even a mix of the two, 200 and 100 seaters. That said most low cost carriers around the world operate 737 and A320. Cost per passenger of the A220 (and E190) is great but cost per flight includes all of the airport charges, airways charges, aircrew and ground staff overheads that have to be added into the total flight operating cost. So double the passengers per flight helps to decrease airfares.

  • dorrit jakobsen


    being a low cost airline who will carry the cost of the in flight menu the airline or the passenger ?
    As many of the destinations are only 50-60 min. total flying time very little time allocated to
    consume any menu items. As a former inflight caterer ( 19 years) I am very concerned how this concept
    can and will be implemented e.i. timing and health and safety are paramount.
    I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise and not the least problem handling and solving skills.
    It all sounds wonderful however, the relevant research is paramount???
    Kind regards
    Dorrit Jakobsen

  • Kathryn Greenshields


    Wonderful to know Australian food only will be served…….does this include bush tucker??We
    Don’t need rubbish food.
    This will be a good drawcard.Unique to OZ.

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