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Podcast: AIPA chief reveals how Qantas pilots are coping

written by Adam Thorn | August 26, 2020
VH-OQA rotates from Melbourne Airport Qantas A380
A Qantas A380 departs from Melbourne Airport (Dave Soda)

In amongst the border closures, groundings and rows, it can be easy to forget the impact of COVID-19 on airline pilots themselves, who have found their industry has effectively shut down.

In this special episode of the Australian Aviation podcast, hosts Phil Tarrant and Christian “Boo” Boucousis speak to Mark Sedgwick, the executive director of Australian and International Pilots Association, about how pilots are adapting to the new normal.

He discusses why states should sign up to a national framework on border closures, how many of his members have found work elsewhere and why he has worked hard to build a good relationship with the Qantas Group.

He also tells long-time friend Boo what advice he would give to governments trying to protect the profession for the next generation.

Enjoy the podcast,

The Australian Aviation team

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  • Great logical approach from Boo on using local resources to repatriate Aussi’s being gouged by foreign carriers. Putting the pieces together has never been a strong point of Government. A few pilots getting together to fly charters out to LHR n back might be feasible – for those entrepreneurial types !

  • Ant Cohen


    A lot of AIPA members have already contacted us (and admin feel free to remove this comment) but Project Displaced is here to help with tactical career coaching and mental health first aid, 7 days a week – we’re free to use and 100% volunteer run. I set it up in March as I’m ex QF (16 years) and I wanted to help in some way. Hundreds of crew and ground staff have already been using our services and I’m happy to keep it going for you as long as I can. No catches. Contact me if you want any mote info

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