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Why there’s never been a better time to subscribe to Australian Aviation

written by Staff reporter | May 25, 2020

Australian Aviation subscribers will this week receive the latest print issue (our winter issue) and the first since COVID-19 took hold – which turned aviation on its head.

The focus for our winter print issue is on unpacking the speed to which COVID-19 hit Australia and how the Australian aviation sector is navigating what is the biggest disruption ever to our sector.

Watching the crisis unfold and reporting on the impact, including the standing down of tens of thousands of airline workers at Qantas and Virgin, plus the wholesale reduction of routes and services, has been intense.


We’re still locked down as a nation although some international travelling continues – with restrictions – and cargo flights are increased in frequency.

Domestic travel is starting to open up and we may even have a ‘Tasman Bubble’ and a ‘Pacific Bubble’ shortly, allowing Aussies, Kiwis, and potentially some pacific nations, like Fiji where 40 per cent of GDP is tourism-related, to fly.

Our spotters and enthusiasts are still delivering some cracking shots despite the huge reduction in traffic (thanks team!) plus general aviation is opening up slowly, with weekend flyers able to take advantage of some excellent weather over the last few weeks to log some hours.

As I pen this note, Virgin Australia is working through its voluntary liquidation and moving to a final shortlist for the sale of the airline. Who, a year ago would have thought I’d be writing these words… madness!


While a testing time for aviation, it’s a privilege for us to help you navigate COVID-19 through Australian Aviation plus share all that is great about this sector, ensuring you’re better informed through our commentary and analysis.

Thanks to all our subscribers for their continued feedback, commentary and insights.

If you’ve been thinking about a subscription to Australian Aviation, you can check out our packages here.

A new vision for a new decade, and life after COVID

For those readers who may be unaware, Momentum Media, of which I am a director, acquired the Australian Aviation and World of Aviation brands in February this year and we’ve moved quickly to evolve our subscription offering to add greater value to our passionate and loyal subscribers.

You can read about the acquisition as well as how I’ve built our team to support the growth of Australian Aviation, and continue to deliver this trusted and respected brand, at our corporate website.

For 40 years, Australian Aviation has been the home for aviation journalism, supporting the sector through a range of market cycles, and as the new custodians of the brand, we’ll continue this important work with increased vigour.

We get a real kick out of delivering our content and I trust you’re enjoying our unique blend of news, insights, analysis, features and photography that we work hard to deliver to you.

Much of the coverage over the last few months has been dominated by COVID-19 and the impact on airlines and manufacturers, the biggest story ever for aviation.

Rest assured, when we get back into a more “normal” environment, this focus will also shift into coverage of wider aviation issues from all sectors. From regional airports, historic aircraft, flying clubs, spotting and the grassroots of aviation, which have been the backbone of Australian Aviation for many years.

We can’t wait to get out to air shows and aviation hubs once lockdown is over, hearing the roar of the engines and connecting with our community.

However, we’ll do this in a more modern way, leveraging advances in technology and digital storytelling.

Already, we’ve moved quickly to evolve the brand in line with advances in media over the last few years, and you may have spotted some changes recently to how Australian Aviation has been delivered, with a greater focus on digital content.

I’m happy to announce that in the 10 plus years that Australian Aviation has been online, March and April were our biggest months for engagement – by some margin.

The Australian Aviation winter #377 edition, out now for subscribers.

An expanded subscription offering

We’re mindful of the pedigree of Australian Aviation and how important it is that we continue to deliver value to our subscribers.

Momentum is a leading media and information business for a range of industry sectors, including legal, professional and financial services, real estate, investment, retirement, wealth, defence, national security, aviation and space.

We’re highly regarded for our content abilities and have won over 25 major awards for media excellence.

So, what does that mean for Australian Aviation readers?

First, we are a well-capitalised business at the forefront of media innovation. We’ll keep ahead of the curve in media trends to ensure we deliver engaging and thought-provoking content that energises, inspires and informs.

Second, and importantly, we’re agile and subscriber focused – with a major focus on digital delivery and engagement.

Over the coming months, subscribers will receive even more from Australian Aviation as part of their subscription, including the quarterly print magazine – our winter edition – out this week, which is packed with all the usual features our subscribers love.

Moving forward, print issues will be jam-packed with all the insights, features, imagery, regular columns and content that Australian Aviation is renowned for and has loved for some time. We’ll also expand the print magazine with a special focus for each issue – deep-diving into the big issues impacting aviation.

For subscribers, the print magazine is now complemented by a range of digital products, including our new monthly In Focus digital report; reports, surveys and rankings; more imagery and photo essays, including our monthly Behind the Lens report; as well as going behind the scenes into aviation – with profiles of personalities, legends and renowned aviators.

The evolution to our subscription offering has also been supported by the increased frequency of our digital newsletters, plus the evolution to World of Aviation to a daily digital product rather than a bi-monthly print magazine – which has been well received by subscribers.

You can subscribe to Australian Aviation here. It’s simple to do and will only take you a few minutes.

Remember until airports and newsagents reopen, the magazine will only be available by subscription so you’ll need to subscribe to secure your copy. There are a number of packages with competitive prices, helping you to save during this time.

If you’re only receiving our content in digital format, and would also like the magazine, our subscriptions team at [email protected] will be happy to help.

I trust you enjoy the expended subscription offering and I look forward to sharing my passion for aviation with you over the coming years as we continue the development of this great brand and deepen our connectivity with this sector.

Remember to connect with us on [email protected] with any questions and ideas for stories, and to tune in each week to the Australian Aviation Podcast; your feedback is encouraged.

Blue skies,

Phillip Tarrant

Australian Aviation

Phillip Tarrant onboard CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.

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