Jetgo confirms shift of Melbourne-Dubbo from Avalon to Essendon

written by | June 20, 2016
A supplied image of Jetgo jets working charter operations at Essendon Airport in 2014. (Jetgo)
A supplied image of Jetgo jets working charter operations at Essendon Airport in 2014. (Jetgo)

Jetgo will shift its Melbourne-Dubbo service from Avalon to Essendon airport from early July following the installation of necessary security screening facilities at the close-in Melbourne airport.

The regional carrier had planned to fly from Dubbo to Melbourne Tullamarine starting in October 2015, but was unable to secure terminal space at the airport.

Efforts to operate into nearby Essendon Airport then hit a roadblock because of a lack of passenger screening facilities and regulatory requirements from the Office of Transport Security (OTS).


OTS regulations require passengers on regular public transport service (RPT) with Jetgo’s ERJ-135 regional jets go through security given they have a maximum take off weight of 20,000kg.

Eventually, the regional carrier launched its Melbourne service at Avalon Airport, which accommodated Jetgo’s three flights a week from Dubbo on a temporary basis.

However, Jetgo confirmed in a statement on Saturday it would move into Essendon from July 3 after the required security screening facilities were installed.

“Finally the wait is over and Jetgo would like to thank the patience of their customers who have supported the services for the last eight months,” Jetgo said.


“Essendon Airport has constructed a temporary terminal to accommodate Jetgo’s services while the heritage-listed Essendon Airport Terminal is undergoing a $20 million refurbishment.

“Once completed in early 2017, the refurbished Terminal will help Essendon Airport become Australia’s premier corporate Jet and regional services airport.”

Currently, Essendon Airport, which is a busy charter airport, has regular public transport (RPT) service from Free Spirit Airlines and Sharp Airlines, according to the airport’s website, serving regional centres such as Flinders Island and Merimbula. Alliance Airlines also operates charter flights from the airport.

Those services do not require passenger security screening.

Meanwhile, Jetgo’s inaugural Brisbane-Albury service took off on Monday.

Jetgo's inaugural Brisbane-Albury flight arrives at Albury Airport. (Albury City Council/Peter Charlesworth)

Albury City Council also posted a video of the flight’s arrival on Youtube:

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  • Russell M


    Excellent! Will be looking forward to a Melbourne / Dubbo / Brisbane trip just to try out the small jet and a different route.

    I used to have to commute to Albury fairly regularly – unfortunately won’t have a chance to use that service but a decent hub busting route like that will be good as well.

    Good luck to these guys for finding what seems to be a viable size a/c, on unusual routes. Hope it all works out well.

  • Mark devlin


    Does that mean there will be more aircraft noise coming from essendon airport were the people who live around the airport informed i dont think so i have lived next to essendon airport for 19 years and the aircraft noise from the airport is the worst it has ever been why let the residental area around the airport increase if your intention was to make the airport busier with incresed aircraft

  • Stu Bee


    Why is it that Australian’s are always surprised that there is aircraft noise near airports? I’m sorry Mark Devlin but your comment is just ridiculous.

  • Paul Fury


    Jetgo jets are quieter read the specs on their Jets ! Typical I’m looking forward to taking many flights to and from Bris to Albury return ( Just keep the price right !)

  • ian


    crazy bureaucracy at work. If Jetgo aircraft were 1 gram lighter MTOW they would not require any stupid security.

    No wonder this country is going down the toilet.

    Greece here we come.

    Only question, will be have a bad recession or a depression ?

  • Dave


    Stu Bee it’s a great Aussie tradition of moving next to something noisy then complaining about the noise. Airports, railways, nightclubs, bars, cafes the list goes on. There’s a whole town planning industry pretty much entirely based on this phenomenon

  • Sam


    I say shift all regional flights from Tullamarine to Essendon. Have busses run between the 2 airports every ten minutes, similar to domestic/international transfers in Sydney. Would free up slots and parking bays at Tullamarine for jets. Would be more convientient for passengers given the closer proximity to the city and more public transport options (59 tram, public bus, skybus).

  • Random


    Still surprised JetGo hasn’t gone for a route like Twba-Newcastle-Canberra.

  • Russell M


    Mark – did you say you’ve been living next to Essendon Airport for 19 years?

    Just after it was built and opened, huh?

  • Russell M


    As far as noise is concerned, you’d still have more noise from the smaller corporate jets taking off from Essendon, or the Air Ambulance / Police choppers coming in across the area to land.

    Airports generate noise.
    Freeways generate noise
    Train lines generate noise.

    Buy a house beside one and you will get some……noise.
    Buy a house in the mountains and you will get……bushfires
    Buy a house beside the beach and you will get……storms.

    It’s a simple case of look around and be aware.

  • Peter Brygel


    Fantastic news for North East Victoria for our Northern neighbours, Towns like Beechworth,Bright the ski fields of Mt Hotham,Falls Creek, the Wineries are now all accessible . Same as the Sunshine Coast is now so easy
    We live in Beechworth and the 90 minute flight is better than driving 3hrs each way then stay overnight at airport hotel
    Well done JETGO

  • chris robey


    A bit like buying a house that backs onto a railway line. You get the benefit of paying a much lower price for your house. But you then start a campaign to get the railway closed down? How does that work? Give the country a break! Essendon has been an airfield since the 1920’s…

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