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Amphibious force targets IOC

written by | August 24, 2015
An MRH 90 operating from HMAS Canberra earlier in the year.

Defence has announced that the newest Australian military capability, the Amphibious Ready Element, is preparing to demonstrate its capacity off the Queensland coast.

The 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, of the Australian Army, with MRH 90 troop transport helicopters from the 16th Aviation Brigade, is combining with amphibious assault ship HMAS Canberra and Royal Australian Air Force assets to conduct a series of amphibious training activities through to October.

Conducted by the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters under the command of Major General Stuart Smith, the exercises will enable the amphibious force to achieve an interim operational capability, Defence stated. The Amphibious Ready Element includes 900 personnel, supported by four MRH 90 helicopters embarked in HMAS Canberra.


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  • John J


    Are the MRH90’s fully operational or are there restrictions on their operational use?

  • Tim


    I have been wondering the same. They seem to be operationally ready in the hands of the navy but not for the army? I am sure HMAS Torbruk deployed to Vanuatu earlier this year with a MRH90.

  • Jason


    As a troop transport and maritime logistics helo, the MRH is good to go.

    It is the spares, maintenance and logistics systems, and configuration management where the capability is falling short.

  • Harvey


    Supply and maintenance are both functions of logistics, while maintenance applies a similar rejection criteria as NASA and components are rejected that would remain operational in other environments, supply will never keep up.

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