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A new chapter for Australian Aviation

written by australianaviation.com.au | November 27, 2017
Christian Boucousis and Gerard Frawley pick up some December copies of Australian Aviation from the magazine’s printer.

Australian Aviation has a new owner after 12 years of being published under the stewardship of Phantom Media.

Aviator Media, a new company formed by Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis in partnership with Phantom Media director and Australian Aviation managing editor Gerard Frawley, formally assumed ownership of Australian Aviation on November 20.

“There are some really exciting times ahead for AA across the print magazine, digital magazine, website and social media,” Frawley said.

“Boo is a former RAAF Hornet pilot and an entrepreneur with a track record of starting up and running several successful multi-million dollar businesses. As such he has some genuinely exciting ideas about the future direction for Australian Aviation.”

Under Boucousis’s leadership as publisher, Aviator Media is looking to invest in and grow Australian Aviation.

“I am very excited to be associated with the same brand that introduced me to aviation over 30 years ago and to bring the passion I have fostered over those years to the digital generation,” Boucousis said.

“Under Aviator Media’s stewardship I know that Australian Aviation will hit new heights by delivering more of what our readers love – more stories and pages in the magazine, more content on our website, and more and deeper engagement on our social media channels,” Frawley echoed.

“And I’m also remaining with Australian Aviation, both as managing editor and as a minority shareholder in Aviator Media, so I will remain invested both financially and emotionally.

“It’s been great fun, and a great privilege, being at the helm of AA for the past 12 years, and the time is now right for AA to take its next new steps forward.”

Comments (19)

  • David Brown


    Maybe you guys can incorporate Planetalking and pick up the good work that Ben Sandilands was legendary for?

  • john


    Keep up the good work and look forward to future editions !



    Good luck guys!

  • Nev


    I don’t see how the present product can be improved upon, but best of luck to Aviator Media anyway.
    I’ve been a subscriber since 1984 and have been a very happy customer!
    I’m sure that will continue.

  • Dee Thom


    Great time to be in control of A.A., with new fleet purchases and the new platforms arriving for the R.A.A.F.
    Upward and onward Guys.

  • Andy JN


    Love this magazine, always a must read, congrats!

  • Phil Munsel


    Well Done!

  • Brett


    Would love to see “on the airbands” return, it was always good for a laugh.

    Would also love a more extensive archive of old issues for subscribers with a search function. I would even pay extra for the privilege

    best of luck

  • Gregory Bass


    Good luck to you both with the new venture.

    Maybe you could bring back “ on the airwaves “. I really loved that column.

  • john doutch


    I shall continue the “grass roots” pressure. Please, please bring back “on the airbands”. Apart from that, its a great mag, I would hope this is a positive step and please never lose sight of the fact that it is not just professionals and aviation industry people that read this mag.

  • Mac Carter


    I have been a direct subscriber since 1980.
    Always enjoyed the editorial content as well as the great photography.
    Always very informative and entertaining.
    would really like to see the inbox segment return.
    Keep up the good work.

  • That Ron guy


    Well done boys. Keep on keeping on.

  • Greg


    Go Aussie
    Have been reading this publication for donkeys years
    All the best

  • Ben


    I agree, onwards and upwards. I probably have every single back issue for at least the last 4-5 years. Was given a subscription prior to that for a year as a Christmas gift. Before then I have most of the notable issues from the previous 20 years. The first issue I bought (as a fresh faced 18 year old) was an early 1997 issue detailing the farewell flight of the Ansett Boeing 727. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, but AA has been there all the way through.

    I have to echo the other requests, please bring back ‘on the airbands.’ Your bumper summer reading issues are a good idea, but you could bring back the Annuals you had in the early 2000s. Detailing all aircraft fleets and ADF air wings order of battle. A great reference source.

    Keep up the great work, both online and on paper. My only regrets are not discovering AA earlier than I did and of course not getting around to being a subscriber again – yet.

  • Paul


    Great to have BOO in. More fast jet articles!!

  • Gerry Carman


    Firstly, congratulations Gerard on staying the distance and improving AA over the years after coming on the scene as a fresh-faced lad under Jim Thorn; now, all the very best in league with Christian Boucousis. Australia needs an aviation magazine such as AA to continue to be successful.

  • Patrickk


    Well done and keep .it up. The only slight gripe is the use of technical acronyms. Too much, suspect tighter copy editing to keep them under control.

  • Jerry M


    Always good to see some change, as long as it’s for the better. Bought my first issue way back in 93 as a 14 year old, and had a subscription for quite a few years after that. Whilst I only buy the occassional issue now, I check the web site daily and follow via Fb and Twitter. The name has a legacy behind it, and is known as the number 1 aviation monthly in Aus. The new team will find their feet, and it is great to see some contributors stay on, as this will only help in keeping it atop the perch. Just don’t let cheap stuff creep in, keep it classy. A little disappointed to see a YT clip linked the other day about a drone flying over the An-225, might of been just once, but swearing in the soundtrack. Something you’d expect from an amateur blog or facebook fan page, not a serious publication. Poor spelling and grammar too in some other recent posts, Sounds like I’m smashing you, but’s please take it as constructive feedback from a long time follower. Like I said, its a classy publication with high standards, please strive to keep it that way.

  • Jerry M


    Whoops, Here I am sprouting about spelling and grammar and slipped up myself in my first comment! Fat fingers on a small screen.

    All the best to the new team, and look forward to watching it develop going onwards from here.

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