Qantas completes first A330 heavy check for Hawaiian Airlines under new contract

written by | April 27, 2016
Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 H380HA takes off from Brisbane. (Aaron Taylor)
Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 N380HA takes off from Brisbane. (Aaron Taylor)

Qantas’s engineering facility at Brisbane Airport has completed the first of three heavy checks on Hawaiian Airlines’ Airbus A330-200 fleet.

The first Hawaiian aircraft to undergo its H check, N380HA, arrived in Brisbane from Honolulu on March 27 as HA9981.

It remained in Brisbane for just short of three weeks, before departing as HA444 for Honolulu on April 22.


Interestingly, flight HA444 originally took off late in the evening on April 21, but returned to Brisbane a couple of hours later. It then took off the following day a little after 1630 local time

“We have signed a one-year contract with Qantas to do H checks for three of our A330s this year,” Hawaiian Airlines said in an email to Australian Aviation.

“H checks are done every six years so this is a heavy check.”

Hawaiian, which serves Sydney and Brisbane as well as Auckland from its Honolulu hub, has 22 A330-200s in its fleet.


It is a busy time at Qantas’s Brisbane engineering facility, given it is completing the business class refits on the Flying Kangaroo’s own A330 fleet, as well as the reconfiguration of the Boeing 737-800s where an extra row of seats is being added alongside slimline lavatories and smaller galleys.

Qantas completes first A330 heavy check for Hawaiian Airlines under new contract Comment

  • John Harrison


    Interesting I had relatives on the outbound flight to HNL and was wondering why they were told the return to BNE was for “paperwork” something I had never heard before used in an aircraft delay/return..
    That solves that mystery for me.

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