B-52 engine replacement progresses

The USAF has laid out three potential plans to re-engine its fleet of 76 Boeing B-52H Stratofortresses to allow the 55-year-old bomber fleet to operate beyond 2050. At a December 12 industry day, the service outlined its requirement that any replacement engine must be new build, must provide at least 20 … [Read more...]

AWIC – the RAAF’s Air Warfare Instructor comes of age

Success in any field is not merely dependent upon having the best assets. Be they hardware, software, experience or the human element, time and again it has been proven that the best results can be achieved when there is coordination, consultation and integration between all parties. Only then can the … [Read more...]

Australian Operation Okra air combat mission to end

Air combat operations against ISIS by the Royal Australian Air Force's Air Task Group (ATG) under Operation Okra have ended, with the strike element of the ATG to return home to Australia in January, Defence Minister Senator Marise Payne announced on Friday. The current rotation of six F/A-18F Super … [Read more...]

Boeing teases with late MQ-25 contender

Boeing has revealed its surprising late contender for the US Navy’s MQ-25 unmanned aerial refuelling system requirement. After teasing the aviation world  by Tweeting an image of the stealthy aircraft with a black sheet over it a few days ago, Boeing released a single image of its MQ-25 contender on … [Read more...]