HATS on track despite six month delay

The first HATS EC135 T2+ arriving at Nowra on March 31 from Bankstown. (Defence)

Boeing Defence Australia says the JP 9000 Phase 7 Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS) program remains on track to begin training new student pilots and aircrew from early 2018, despite early delays with the project. The Defence Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17 notes that the HATS project, which is … [Read more...]

Boeing brings AH-64E Apache to Avalon

Back in 2001, Australia opted to buy the Eurocopter Tiger instead of the US Apache but now Boeing is pitching the latest generation Apache, the AH-64E, as a potential Tiger replacement. Should Australia head down that path, it would tick many boxes – it would be a FMS purchase with aircraft produced in the … [Read more...]

Army CH-47D Chinook finds a new home

Army's CH-47D Chinook, A15-151 at its new permanent home. (Defence/1CER)

Army's last retired CH-47D Chinook, A15-151, has now become a training aid at Robertson Barracks, Darwin, for use by the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment (1CER) and the 1st Brigade. A15-151 departed C Squadron, 5 Aviation Regiment, in Townsville for the final time on September 28 for a five-day journey to … [Read more...]