Little Wings, big heart

When young children require hospital treatment he tyranny of distance can make an already difficult time for families even more stressful. NSW-based Little Wings seeks to ease some of these difficulties through the astute application of aviation in a very professional manner. Over five years Little Wings … [Read more...]

CASA reforms aviation medical requirements

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has announced plans to overhaul its aviation medical requirements, allowing pilots flying commercial operations with no passengers to hold a less-restrictive Class 2 medical certificate, and private pilots flying with five or fewer passengers in VFR conditions to … [Read more...]

Textron launches new Cessna SkyCourier

An artist's impression of the new Cessna Skycourier. (Textron)

Textron Aviation has unveiled a new clean-sheet regional-sized turboprop designed to seat up to 19 passengers or carry three LD3 containers. The twin-engine turboprop Cessna SkyCourier 408 was officially launched on Tuesday (US time) with global logistics company FedEx Express the first customer with an … [Read more...]