Boeing’s baby MAX takes flight

The smallest member of Boeing’s 737 MAX narrowbody airliner family, the 737 MAX 7, has completed its first flight.

On the flightdeck for the 3 hour, 5 minute flight on Friday were Boeing test and evaluation captains Jim Webb and Keith Otsuka, with the aircraft taking off from Renton, Washington State at 10:17am local time, landing at nearby Boeing Field, Seattle at 1:22pm.

Boeing says the aircraft, registered N7201S, was put through a series of flight controls tests, as well as checks of its systems and handling qualities.

Successful first flight for Boeing 737 MAX 7

First time in the sky for 737 MAX 7! ✈️ Get to know how the key design features of the MAX 7 – including powerful LEAP-1B engines, distinguishable Advanced Technology winglets and other improvements – will help this airplane fly 500 nautical miles farther on 5 percent lower fuel costs per seat. #737MAX #737MAX7

Posted by The Boeing Company on Friday, 16 March 2018


“Everything we saw during today’s flight shows that the MAX 7 is performing exactly as designed,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ vice-president and general manager of the 737 MAX program, Keith Leverkuhn.

Boeing says a comprehensive flight test program for the 737 MAX 7 should lead to certification and first deliveries in 2019.

The 172-seat, 3,850nm range 737 MAX 7 is the smallest but longest-ranging variant of the five-member 737 MAX family, which also comprises the MAX 8 (max seating for 210 passengers, 3,550nm range), MAX 9 (220-seats, 3,550nm), MAX 10 (230-seats, 3,300nm) and MAX 8-based MAX 200 (200-seats, 2,700nm).

The MAX family features a new flightdeck, fly-by-wire spoilers and new winglets compared with the 737 NG on which it based. It is powered by two CFM International LEAP 1B 176cm fan diameter engines, compared with the 155cm fan diameter CFM56 on the NG.

Boeing says it has so far taken 4,300 orders for the MAX family from 93 customers. Malaysia-based Malindo Air became the first airline to take delivery of a 737 MAX when it received 737 MAX 8 9M-LRC last May.

First flight for the MAX 7 on Saturday capped a big week for the 737 program, with the 10,000th 737 built celebrated in a ceremony at Renton on Tuesday.


  1. Ben says

    2 overwing exits? Is the MAX7 bigger than the -700?

    Also the specs on the 9 and 10 variants appear the same? What’s the difference? MTOW?

  2. John Brett says

    I’ve always been a big fan of Boeing’s as the very first Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s licence I held was a Boeing 707 Series Airframe.

  3. says

    Hi @Ben, that’s our error sorry! The MAX 10 stats have been updated.

  4. Max says

    @ John Brett

    You would be very familiar with the 737 Max as it still has the same nose section,fuselage cross section and pax & galley doors of the 707.

    I know that people like the old Mortein anology when your on a good thing stick to it but time that Boeing stop resuscitating the 737.